Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Metawatch: What to Expect at GP California

GP California is coming up this weekend! What kind of meta can we expect to see? Ryan analyzes the results of ARG Atlantic City and GP Italy for clues.

Deckromancy: Pricia vs Alhama’at

In the battle of the newest tier 1 decks to grace the meta, which one has the consistancy to come out on top? Nick examines the two newest contenders.

FoWcast: Episode 14 – Alrightsaris

Shadai and Alex discuss Force of Will news, RDE, and do some Buy or Sell. Alex also interviewed Steven Hulshizer about his top 8 win at GP Atlanta.

ARG Atlantic City (3/11/2017) – Top 8 Decks

The Top 8 Deck Lists from the 2017 Force of Will ARG in Atlantic City.


In Force of Will news this week, Jordan's stream recap, FOW figurines, Quest Clear cards, and not one but two new games??? What are they thinking?

Archetypology: The Importance of Elves

What is the Elf archetype, and what exactly makes it important? Paden examines why the Elf archetype is so crucial to the health of Force of Will.

Vingolf 3 Review – Constructed

Some members of Team Remnant pooled their effort and analyzed the constructed playability for each new card from the new Force of Will set, Vingolf 3.

The Return of the Dragon Emperor Spoiler Gallery is finally complete!

We've added new cards to the Return of the Dragon Emperor spoiler gallery! Come check it out!

Heart and Sol: Differences in Ancient Magic

Do you like Ancient Magic? Sean Fine explains the differences in the Ancient Magic rulers and which ones you should use in his new article!


Slow week for Force of Will news. Check out Jordan's Q&A stream box opening, a revision to Yggdrasil's text and site news!