Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Wanderer Hype Train

With the help of Deep Wood FOW, Ryan presents his newest deck creation in a bid to dominate the Force of Will scene.


This week Zak goes over the information giving in the Q&A, plus outlines the new cards and errata. Big changes incoming! Stay on top of them here!

BREAKING NEWS! Laev banned, R/R unbanned!?

In this special news update: Laevateinn is banned while Reflect Refrain is unbanned! Alex examines each of the new ban list changes for answers.

Echoes of the New World – Prerelease Primer

This prerelease primer has all the info you want and more for your Force of Will Echoes of the New World prereleases!

Fan 4koma #11

Grimm is ready to continue his sword training. On a related note, Aesop quit. Find out what happened in this week's newest 4koma by Taylor Prinz!

First Turn Worries

You shouldn't be scared of the new First Turn Kill combo! Here's why!

Create a Card Contest #25: Voting

The entries are in, and it's time for the community to vote for the winner of the 25th Create a Card contest! See the cards here!

NEW SPOILERS! Echoes of the New World Spoilers

The Echoes of the New World spoiler gallery has been updated! Click here to see the new cards!

BREAKING NEWS! Echoes of the New World LEAKS

BREAKING NEWS! We now have eight new leaks from Echoes of the New World (plus one special alt art)!


This week in the news, Zak recaps the official Q&A stream, discusses the new spoilers that's lighting the world on fire, big rule changes and more!