Monday, January 22, 2018
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FoWcast: Episode 18 – The New Year Special Episode!

In this special new year's episode, the guys reminisce about 2017, discuss Eiji's big news, and how we can help FoW Co! All this and...

Reflecting on 2017

Force of Will Co wants to improve our game, and we can help! Read on to find out how we can make Force of Will great in 2018 and improve...

The Top 5 Cards of 2017

With the year coming to a close, Dylan looks back on 2017 and finds this year's top 5 cards!

FoWcast: Episode 17 – Discussing ARG Florida

Alex brings Stewart and Taylor to the FoWcast to discuss ARG Florida. All this plus Q&A and info on how you can help design our new playmat!

Meta History: Grimm

Alex takes us back to the early Force of Will meta to look at some of the Grimm decks that once reigned supreme.

Fan 4koma #22

Reflect and Refrain have returned in Taylor's newest 4koma. Why are they upset?

FoWcast: Episode 16 – We’re Back!

The FoWcast is back after 7 months! Alex, Sean, and Dylan discuss the new ADK spoilers, leaks, and talk about the Force of Will meta post EU bans.

NEW SPOILERS! – ADK: This week in spoilers

NEW SPOILERS REVEALED for the upcoming Advent of the Demon King set! Here's all of them from this week!


BREAKING NEWS! New rulers leaked from Advent of the Demon King! Read on to see the unsealed items...

Fan 4koma Double Feature! (#20 and #21)

Taylor brings us a 4koma double feature this week! Check out comics 20 and 21!