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The Teams of Force of Will

Competitive play is a huge aspect of FoW, and there are more teams that we can keep count of. Here's info on some of the best Force of Will teams around!

FoWcast: Episode 15 – Family Friendly Programming

Shadai, Alex, and Andrew discuss the Force of Will meta, recent GPs, bannings, and Buy or Sell. There's also a listener contest!


In Force of Will news this week, Zak recaps the FOW Q&A stream, and new Dragon Emperor Lore and Teaching Manga released!

Genesis Report – 4/2/2017

Jem brings us a report from his last Genesis format event! Check it out if you want to see what decks are making a splash in this custom format.

Unsung Combos

Paden clears his voice to highlight some of the darkest combos in Force of Will. Does he expose your favorite?


This week in the news, Zak recaps Jordan's Q&A stream, Nagoya top 8 results released, and a new Bootcamp and Teaching Manga for your viewing pleasure!

Help us keep the lights on! – We’ve launched a Patreon

We just joined Patreon! In case you're wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to support to GrinningRemnant, and get great rewards in return.


This week in the news, Zak recaps Jordan's Q&A Stream, May Promos are revealed, Fiethsing tops again, and the new teaser trailer!


Missing the point as usual, our official point of contact to FOW, Jordan, brushed off our April Fool's Day joke instead of seeing it like the rest of the community saw it for. How did he miss it?

The Tale of Tyler, the Great Warrior

What do you know about one of the rarest trading cards in existence? We interviewed Tyler Gressle about his exclusive, one-of-a-kind card!