Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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New Return of the Dragon Emperor Spoilers!

We've added new cards to the Return of the Dragon Emperor spoiler gallery! Come check it out!


The latest in Force of Will News. This week Zak recaps the podcast, reveals new lore, unveils the new Return of the Dragon Emperor spoilers and announces a birthday!

GP Atlanta, Georgia (2/11/2017) – Top 8 Decks

The Top 8 Deck Lists from 2017 GP Atlanta, Georgia.


In the news this week, Zak recaps Jordan's Podcast, Return of the Dragon Emperor spoilers, Vingolf 3 release, new lore and a Quest for Dragon Emperor!

The Road to the WGP: Approaching Atlanta

GP Atlanta is this weekend! Andrew analyzes GP Collinsville and breaks down the lessons we should take away from it.

Metawatch: What to Expect at GP Atlanta

GP Atlanta is coming up this weekend! What kind of meta can we expect to see? Ryan analyzes the results of GP Collinsville for clues.

Deckromancy: Infinity Stones

Have you ever wanted to beat your opponent with a single stone? Nick takes a look at a few Arla infinite combo decks and discusses what makes them tick.

Deckromancy: Make Mikage Great Again

Ryan misses playing Mikage and thinks he has a new deck that could take on the meta and win. Is it just wishful thinking or can he make Mikage great again?


In the news this week, Zak highlights the need to know information in Jordan's Podcast, lists out the tournament changes, reveals the March promos and Vingolf 3 Spoilers, and more! Whew! Busy week!

FoWcast: Episode 13 – Kinda Late but Totally Great

Shadai and Alex discuss Force of Will news, Vingolf 3 spoilers, the Tokyo AGP, and take your Buy or Sell questions on the newest episode of the FoWcast!