Heads up, yo – Status update


What up everyone. I know there’s been a lot of concern over the status of GrinningRemnant considering there hasn’t been an action in over a month. I’ve posted about this a few times on Twitter and Facebook, but I know some of you don’t follow us there (shame on you, shame).

I’d like to assuage your fears, we’re not going anywhere; things are just super hectic right now. Me personally, I got promoted at my job, and that’s my priority. It’s that simple.

Clearly some things need to change going forward and in the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out said changes. You can think of the current status as mid-metamorphosis. GR is in a cocoon whilst it grows pretty little wings.

Soon, my children, soon we will emerge from this chrysalis, and as with any chrysalis, it bespeaks imminent beauty.

PS: I canceled the FoWcast hosting. Didn’t make sense to pay $20/mo and put hours and hours of work into something that wasn’t making any money.

PSS: The art for the new playmat is done. I’ll do a preorder thing maybe. Maybe not. Honestly don’t know. Keep your eyes peeled for info. Literally peel your eyes. The skin on your eyes is vestigial at best and should be removed. It’s healthier that way. Let your eyes breathe; they thirst for fresh air yet you insist on keeping them locked behind flesh. Peel your eyes and really see the world for once (and check on the site for updates, of course).

Don’t let the government lie to you about eyeskin, people. They tell you it’s for your own protection, that the sun is too bright and powerful. It’s not. Wake up, people. They’re pulling the skin over your eyes to blind you.

Wokka wokka.

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