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A little bit of news this week, however, there was no Q&A stream so news will be light today. Thanks Jordan.


On Monday, we got a our second preview for the Ancient Nights. This time it is some Fire cards. Many of the cards do support the Starter Decks just as Jordan said. Cards such as Food Supply and Gourmet Chef, Sherry Shera both provide your J/Ruler with a decent number of Strength counters. Red Cap seems really good to me, however it missed its most playable time, back when Laev and Bahamut were played. There are a few more Dragnoid resonators as well. There is even a new token producer that gives you 1000/1000 with Flying when it enters.

Thursday night we got our next round of Ancient Nights spoilers. This time a little Darkness for ya. Starting off with Frayla, who then turns into Frayla, The Revolutionist we have a below average J/Ruler. On the Frayla side she has the built in recursion effect that allows you to keep Dark Elf resonators coming back to your had if they die but at a cost of 300 damage. Once she performs judgement, you get a free recursion as she enters and then a buff to another Dark Elf once she attacks. You can give her swiftness for 1 Fire will which is nice but does require you to run two attributes. Her last ability is the true stinger here. For a Fire and a Dark she can hit your opponent for 100 damage times the number of Dark Elfs you control, which could be her saving grace. With the right setup you could easily deal a good chunk of damage for just about 4-6 will. That 800 defense though. Yikes.

Shade Assassin seems like a decent blocker, while Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand and Hilda, Frayla’ Left Hand seem like a good one-two punch. Tactics of the Dark Elves is the obligatory “Would be better with Quickcast” card from this reveal, as it could lead to some serious blowouts.

Check out the full spoiler in our Spoiler Gallery here.


On Tuesday, we got the spoiler for the new Wind Starter Deck. The ruler is called Gill, while resembling someone we may have seen before. With some boyish good looks, and stark white hair, could this be a Gill we have seen before? Considering we have seen Pandora return in a younger form, this is probably relevant. Is it a baby Lapis, maybe a baby Alhamat. Maybe its nothing, although Jordan wouldnt have pointed out the name similarity if it wasnt. The J/Ruler side has probably the best artwork we have seen on a card this set, Gill, the Gifted Conjurer. With a decent stat line, 1100/1100, and some pretty good abilities I could definitely see him getting played. Winds of Vitality will be busted. Mark my words.

I wont delve to deep into the rest of the cards as our boy Kris took care of the full spoiler review for ya!. Jump on in at the link below to read his opinions of each card from this spoiler.

Click here to read the full article.


For every box you purchase of Ancient Nights you will get a sweet alternate art copy of Millennia Bond featuring the super family themselves. Featuring a nice family photo style shot of Zero and Feithsing hugging their “Daughter” Kaguya, you may just get hit with the feels. If you purchase 3 boxes you can get your hand on the nice playmat featured below. Containing artwork from Frayla, Pandora and one of her many Golems, and a yet to be revealed character.


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