Lumia – Ancient Chantress Extraordinaire (LACE) – Part 2


Welcome back, Rulers!

Today we have the other half of the LACE deck, listing off all of the Chants & Additions that are used within this deck.

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Now that all of the resonators are explained and out of the way, we can get into the Chants & Additions which make up the other key factors of the deck.

Chants & Additions

The chants that I used in the deck were all heavily considered and they were chosen for specific reasons, which I will explain as we go through the individual chants. Again, I will list them from the amount of will they cost (lowest to highest):

  • (1) Confinement x 2 – Water. ACN.
  • (1) Spinning Aquasol x 2 – Water. ACN.
  • (1) Lightning Strike x 3 – Fire. SDL2.
  • (2) Reduction x 2 – Light. ACN.
  • (2) Crimson Ray x 2 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (3) Reunion of Sisters x 2 – Water. LEL.
  • (3) Meeting of Light and Fire x 1 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (3) ADDITION – Zero’s Circle of Protection x 2 – Light. ENW.
  • (4) Zero’s Wrath x 2 – Light. RDE.
  • (4) Severing Winds x 2 – Wind. ENW.

Now that you have the list, let’s go through them individually and see what they bring to the game for this strategy. It is noted that most of these chants are Quickcast, meaning that they’re optimized for countering your opponent’s actions, ideally giving you complete control of the game.

Confinement – Not only is this card a quickcast card, but it is also a remnant which allows it to be played from the graveyard. This chant will allow you to target resonators on your opponent’s field and bar them from attacking. This removes higher hitting resonators as being a threat, allowing you to continue to play your game while not allowing your opponent to play theirs.

Spinning Aquasol – this card is used to put already used chants back into your hand, specifically Reduction or Crimson Ray, or even Lightning Strike should you require it – although personally, I believe it would be better used to get Reduction or Crimson Ray back into your hand.

Lightning Strike – I shouldn’t really need to explain this card, but if you’re unfamiliar with it – I shall anyways. This card inflicts 500 damage to either a J/resonator or the opponent’s life directly. It can be used as a finishing card or used as extra damage to remove a pesky J/resonator your opponent controls, depending on the situation you’re in. You’ll always have a use for a Lightning Strike, trust me.

Reduction – Possibly my favourite chant from the Ancient Night set, this card turns a target resonator into a [0/100] resonator until the end of the turn. This card is best used when your opponent is attacking and you want to remove their resonator from the field with a blocker. Couple this card with Spinning Aquasol and you have the potential to use reduction 4 times, which means 4 of your opponent’s resonators are sure to be destroyed unless your opponent counters.

Crimson Ray – Using this card to finish off your opponent’s resonators would give you the optimum result, in addition, it gives you the upper hand of gaining +600 life in addition to the damage dealt. This will further extend your gameplay as you survive attacks from your opponent. This card is also another suitable target for Spinning Aquasol, giving you another 2 potential uses and +1200 to your life as a result.

Reunion of Sisters – This card is best used when Flute, Lumia, Sealed in the Frozen Casket, or Mesosaurus are in the field along with one of the other light resonators. You will increase your hand, meaning build up your longevity and towards your strategized win conditions, as well as return a resonator to your opponent’s hand, thus removing some of the board pressure that they may have.

Meeting of Light and Fire – This card is good as another draw, and if you have both a light and a fire resonator in the field you will be able to deal damage to your opponent as well as gain life back based on the cost of that drawn card (you will have to reveal the card, as instructed).

Zero’s Wrath – Many of you may already be familiar with this card’s effects – again for those of you who aren’t, I shall explain. Zero’s wrath is basically a board wipe that is used typically after your opponent finishes attacking with their resonators – it is up to you as to when you use it, early on a few resonators to gain board control, or later when your opponent has built up their side of the field so you can strike a devastating blow to their field and hand. I would recommend waiting until they have a substantial number of resonators in play before using it, however, it’s use and application would certainly be dependent upon the game itself.

Severing Winds – Like Zero’s Wrath, many of you are familiar with this card already. Your opponent only needs to play 2 cards from their hand before you can pay (0) Will to play this card and cancel your opponent’s spell. It is a card that should be saved to counter some of your opponent’s chants when they’re trying to counter your own quickcast chants.

Zero’s Circle of Protection – This addition is invaluable to many decks, it allows you to dictate a specific colour and all your resonators gain barrier to that colour meaning that your opponent’s quickcast chants won’t affect them whatsoever. The reason I have two of these in the deck are for when I come across a multi-coloured deck (much like this one), and so you’re able to counter many of the potentially harmful chants that they may have.

As you can see, the list of chants and addition(s) are designed to prolong the game and give you board advantage by removing their board. This is as much of a reactionary deck as it is an aggressive deck. The resonator list allows for a lot of card draw which allows for reactions with chants.


Now, onto the ever-important side-deck! Which can consist of only 15 cards all up! In the professional scene, at least.

  • (2) Amaterasu’s Foresight x 4 (LEL, Quickcast)
  • (1) Lightning Strike x 1 – Fire. SDL2.
  • (1) Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic x 3
  • (2) Reduction x 2
  • (1) Flute’s water Dragon x 2
  • (4) Kaim, Demon of Vice x 3

The List

Here’s the list! By all means give it a shot!


That’s it!

That’s it for the Lumia, Ancient Chantress Extraordinaire decklist. As you can see, this deck is built to prolong your game and allow you to have optimum control over your opponent, using cards such as “Lumia, Sealed in the Frozen Casket” to completely reset your life points while cards like” Blessed Knight” and “Mesosaurus” either destroy your opponent’s resonators, or restrict their use of magic stones.

If the deck is played to this strategy, you ideally have a strong, competitive Lumia deck. Of course, part of the game is the luck of the draw, and this deck plays strongly to the draw game with “Explorer of Mt. Hoelle” giving you chants to your hand, and chants like “Reunion of Sisters” giving you extra cards in your hand to play with. Due to the low cost of many of the chants, you should be able to play resonator’s and still have Will left over for countering your opponent’s.

I wish you luck in your games to come, Rulers!

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  1. Hey just tried this list against the Faerur G/W/u top 8 deck, as well as “mono” W Millium, and got brutalized every game.

    I’ve been adjusting this list to feel a bit less clunky when your opponent drops 4 creatures on turn 1, and can still get their stone recovered on your turn, via Faerur.

  2. Did my comment not receive approval? I’m trying to streamline the list to not get run over early against a fast opponent that can hold up counterspells in the midgame *Faerur* *cough*…
    I will post my list after I’m a little more satisfied with its results.

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