Lumia – Ancient Chantress Extraordinaire (LACE)


Now, I know what many of you are thinking. What’s with this weird deck and weirder name for the deck. Did he just come up with it on the fly?

Well, when I was putting thought into creating a new, fun and competitive deck – I thought about Lumia’s Ruler ability “At the end of your turn > Remove target rested resonator you control from the game. Then put it into its owner’s field”. Lumia’s useful skill has quite a lot of practical use with various cards from the Lapis Cluster.

However, with the continual release of new sets in the Reiya Cluster – Lumia’s ability allows for a greater avenue of possibilities. With the EU banning of Pricia, one of the most dominant Rulers in the competitive scene – this has set a foundation for the rise of other rulers such as Lumia, Zero and even some of the Reiya cluster rulers such as Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage.

The Lumia, Ancient Chantress Extraordinaire (LACE) deck aims for longevity, drawing out the game and trying to force frustration and misplays from your opponents which you can capitalize from and ideally turn into a victory.

Stone deck:

There can be multiple varying magic stone deck components, I just find these options to be the most logical and effective for playing this deck in terms of costs and playability:

  • 3x Magic Stone of the Hearth’s Core
  • 3x Magic Stone of Light Vapors
  • 4x Awakened Magic Stone, the Earth (Strictly better than Heat Ray in this deck)


Resonators form the backbone of the deck allowing for the players to litter their field and build up their strength. This deck is no different than others with resonators being a key component to its playstyle, however, instead of going for a quick win – hitting hard and fast as with decks like Pricia – this deck goes for longevity and durability in its playstyle, relying on Lumia’s ability as well as the various chants (which will be discussed later) to overwhelm your opponents and force them to mess up, allowing you to out-manoeuvre them strategically.

The resonators are listed in order of their costs (lowest to highest). The Will curve on the resonator list seems pretty even despite going capping at 6.

  • (1) Flute’s Water Dragon x 1 – Water. ENW.
  • (2) Explorer on MT. Hoelle x 3 – Fire. ACN.
  • (2) Nyarlathotep, The Crimson Radiance x 3 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (3) Blessed Knight x 2 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (3) Priest of Divine Protection x 1 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (3) Lumia, Sealed in the Frozen Casket x 2 – Water, Light/Fire/Water. CFC.
  • (4). Kaim, Demon of Vice x 1 – Fire. ACN.
  • (4) Jeanne D’Arc, The Pious Flame x 3 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (5) Mosasaurus x 2 – Water. ADK.
  • (5) Healing Wing Dragon x 1 – Fire/Light. LEL.
  • (6) Fiery Chariot, Red Boy x 1 – Fire. CFC.

I would suggest running 3 copies of “Nyarlathotep, The Crimson Radiance” in the deck to allow Lumia’s judgment effect to go off without a hitch, making her “Imperishable” while Nyarlothotep is in the removed zone, as well as gaining life when she deals damage.

Let me go through all of the individual resonators and their role within this deck:

Flute’s Water Dragon – as a (1) cost resonator, it isn’t exactly strong for an offensive. However, what we’re after is its ability where we can rest it to call a magic stone instead of resting Lumia. Really, this is mainly for later in the game where you want to have Nyarlathotep in your hand, judgment, and still be able to call a stone without resting your resonator, or attack and still be able to call a stone.

Explorer on Mt. Hoelle – this card is one of the key pieces of this deck, especially given the chants that we have backed up in the deck (half our deck is chants). If anything, Explorer on Mt. Hoelle was designed specifically for a chant-heavy deck. When this card enters the field, you can reveal the top card and if it’s a chant, you get to add it to your hand. This with Lumia’s ability will mean that you could potentially add two chants to your hand in a single turn – the downside of this play is that you could potentially burn through your deck quicker than your opponent. However, the chants we’re playing will surely keep us alive to see our endgame (and frustrate our opponents).

Nyarlathotep, The Crimson Radiance – while this card is a (2) cost, technically, since we want the awakened effects it could be considered a (3) cost. While the Light awakening effect is useful to remove any pesky resonators that may be troubling us, it only delays the problem. It’s the Fire awakening ability that we want – the ability to play a light or fire chant with less than (3) cost for free. That in addition to removing the card from play when you’re going to judgment with Lumia for massive buffs.

Blessed Knight – the ability of this card makes it a key counter against highly offensive decks, being able to remove the resonators your opponent attacks with twice in one turn, and then every turn at the end of your turn is surely going to stall them and make them think twice about whether or not to attack you, because as soon as their resonators are rested, Blessed Knight will destroy them. Quite the choice for your opponent to make, they’ll have to slow down their play, allowing you time to play further into the deck.

Lumia, Sealed in the Frozen Casket/Lumia Saint of the World Awakened – This card is a reset card, specifically added in order to prolong your game. If you should drop low in hit points, simply pay the cost to shift this card and knock yourself back up to 4000, essentially restarting the game and making the effort your opponent put into taking down your health obsolete.

Priest of Divine Protection – this card is more of a one-time quick cast resonator. Use it to either try to get another chant from Explorer of Mt. Hoelle or on Blessed Knight to destroy another resonator that your opponent has rested. (Imagine how frustrated your opponent would be if you Blessed Knight during their turn!).

Jeanne D’Arc, The Pious Flame – this resonator is one that is to be used as a play and then kill, type of resonator. Typically, you want to remove the opponent’s biggest threats with this card quickly, if you can’t remove it with Blessed Knight or some of the chants first, that is.

Kaim, Demon of Vice – this card is possibly one of the strongest cards in the deck. Its effect is best used in conjunction with the J-Ruler Lumia, continuously putting Kaim into the field will allow you to steal your opponents’ resonators with less than (3) cost and set about attacking them with their own resonators. (May as well say “Stop hitting yourself,” with sarcasm and humour, of course).

Mosasaurus – Captain Hook and Lumia is one of the most devastating combinations, as you can return special magic stones or resonators to the opponent’s deck/hand. So it’s no real wonder that Captain hook was added to the ban list so that Lumia wouldn’t be the outright overpowered deck. Enter Advent of the Demon King and the new 5 costing resonator Mosasaurus! When it enters the field you can choose one; either “Destroy Target Rested Resonator” or “Three target magic stones don’t recover during their controller’s next recovery phase”, this is a tamer version of Hook (or a more expensive/stronger Blessed Knight), but it’s still ripe for abuse with Lumia.

Healing Wing Dragon – Not only is this card a strong, albeit costly, flying resonator with beautiful artwork. It also has the fun ability to give you +1000 life, whenever it enters the field. Should you wish to use Lumia with it… well… that’s +1000 each turn it’s in play, doesn’t that suck for your opponents? Am I right?

Fiery Chariot, Red Boy – what can I say about this card? It’s an effective card which deals a significant amount of damage to the opponent’s resonators. Which given the different coloured magic stones, will deal additional damage and if played correctly could potentially wipe out the opponent’s field leaving them wide open to your attacks. Getting Red Boy’s burn off twice in one turn is absolutely brutal.

That does it for our J/Ruler breakdown, stone list, and Resonator list! Stay tuned for the second part of the decklist which contains Chants, Additions and the ever-important side-deck!

Want to know more about the deck? Just shoot us a question!

I wish you luck in your games to come, Rulers!

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  1. Nice to see a different ruler getting attention. I like the list so far. Can’t wait for the second part to see if it is competetive enough to play at the Berlin GP next week. So i hope the second part comes online fast 🙂

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