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The new set is almost upon us. Most of us have already gone and gotten a few of the new cards from the pre-release. With that, I wanted to talk about what I think will be a strong deck coming into this new meta.

Before I get started, I want everyone to know, that this article was started a long time ago. At some point, we decided to make it a crossover with the YouTube Channel Deep Wood. However, due to recent changes to the ban list, the video they used has them using Horn of the Sacred Beasts, which has now been announced to be banned next week. Due to that, the deck list in the video and the one featured here will not line up.

Why Play Wanderer?

When we first saw the spoilers, we saw a card that caught a lot of attention from us. That card was Interdimensional Space. This card reduces the cost and powers up your wanderer J/resonators. At first, this may seem like another win more addition that becomes hard to play. However, once we looked at all of the wanderer resonators that existed in past sets, we noticed 3 cards in particular that had a lot of synergies together.

What were the 3 Wanderer cards?

The first one is a card from the new set. Gill Lapis, Usurper Of Maddening Power. This card becomes a whopping 2 drop 1000 atk/1100 def with 1 Interdimensional Space on the board. It also goes and searches for a 1 cost light or darkness chant. The main two we use in this deck are The Final Battle and Heteroclite Excalibur.

The next card is Black Heart Alice. This card becomes a lot more justified as a 3-2 drop card. On play it also lets you search for a Schrodinger, The Cat in Flux. Even if you don’t want to play the cat, it still lets you search your deck, which becomes important in just a moment. Alice also has the nice removal effect for 3 Will. It is not the most impressive effect in the world, but this deck does produce some nice fodder for it. Also note, this card has flying and Precision. With one Interdimensional Space and a source of First Strike, this card can go Hunt down a Prica that was locked down by death scythe. It also is the best resonator to put into play by activating Swordsman of Fire. This gives him a whopping 1600 atk/1600 def and makes your opponent discard 2 cards on play, if you search for the cat.

Finally, the reason we decided to build this deck. Alice Dimensional Traveler. This card seems awful at first. In fact, most people are probably just now learning of this cards existence. The card’s effect allows you to play it from the deck when you search your deck. Conveniently, not only does this get reduced from Interdimensional Space, but the other two wanderer resonators you play happen to search the deck. It can also be played when you go searching with Words of Scheherazade and Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly. With 2 Interdimensional Space on board, this card becomes a 1 cost 1300 atk/1300 def that you just randomly play from your deck. You also never have to worry about running out of this card, because it puts itself back on the bottom of the deck when it dies. You just have to worry about it being removed from play.

Other cards worth talking about:

The Ruler

We chose to just go with Swordsman of Fire with this build. This deck plays 4 colors, and it is hard to pass up the color fixing. Also, cards gaining first strike can be insane. The only downside to this is that you can’t activate until late game, due to losing the color fixing.  Even though your activation cost gets reduced by Interdimensional Space, it will still cost you a chunk of will. Also, remember to insert the obligatory “dies to Black Moon Beam” here. However, the resonators you will be spamming the most will be blue. Meaning you are going to draw a lot of cards. You also may get to discard a couple cards with the black effect.

The first thing I was worried about when building this was Heavenly Gust. Losing an Interdimensional Space or two would be game costing. Fortunately, if they try to torrent, Severing Winds is a free out to it. Severing Winds is also a free out to a lot of big, early game plays. Your opponent will have trouble sticking cards like Gwiber early, and it will be risky for them to try and get the torrent effect to Spinning Myths.

Here is the example list that we made for this article. Please note that this deck was made within a day of seeing the newest spoilers, it also could change dramatically based on future spoilers and the meta of at the time of release.

Click Image to embiggin


Other options:

This stuff has just been confirmed, and we did not have much time to play around with it before making this article. Here are some other options for cards that could possibly make this deck even better.

Rulers Memoria could easily be added to this deck. You would just have to add in one or two more regalia. You could also play Hydromonica to add another source of searching your deck.

Scheherazade, Speaker of Yet Unknown Truths does not get the discount from Interdimensional Space, but it still gets the atk and def buffs. Being a quickcast that acts as a soft removal can be nice too.

Wall of Wind can be a great combo with Severing Winds to help keep them off of early power plays. It can also help counter early threats from Fox as well as your opponent’s Severing Winds.

We have the colors for Seal of Wind and Light so if you feel like you need more counter spells then go for it.

Gill Lapis Targets:

Magic Sweets can help deal with the waves of Heteroclite Excalibur you will probably be seeing.

The Nameless Mist and Scorn of Dark Alice can help you disrupt combos that you know your opponent is looking for such as Izanagi or Spinning Myths.

Blood of the Mikage can be used to push for a game-ending amount of damage or answer a problem card on the board. You can also target Alice, Dimensional Traveler with this card, to not lose much advantage.

In Action:

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  1. Gill Lapis, the Pure Youth seems too good not to include as a 1-off tutor target, especially with the flip trigger of the j-ruler;

    with fiethsing probably back to the best deck in the format it seems to me a big swingy card is not a bad idea

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