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For this year’s April Fool’s Day, Team Remnant writers were to submit non-FoW themed articles. Taylor did one about a true story in the Yugioh community. The thing is, Taylor decided to write a great, inspirational piece, and publishing it would do a disservice to both him and Tyler (the subject of this article).

TL;DR – Taylor doesn’t understand April Fool’s Day so now we have a not-FoW article on not-AFD.

Now grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit back, and enjoy a story about one of the rarest trading cards in existence!

Tyler, the Great Warrior

What’s going on guys and girls? This is a very special and heartwarming story of Tyler, the Great Warrior (aka Tyler Gressle), the owner of a legendary, one-of-a-kind card. Tyler is a cancer survivor and recipient of having his wish granted by the Make A Wish foundation. Tyler wished to have his very own Yugioh card.

The Interview

Tyler thanks for taking time out of your day to answer a few questions for us.

Q: “If you don’t mind, tell me about yourself and what you do?”

A: “I’m currently 26, I like to skate, draw and fish. I have a very unique voice and I love to spend time with my family.”

Q: “Awesome! You have a very unique and truly one of a kind story in the Yugioh community. Care to tell the story?”

A: “Well I was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma of the liver on October the 15th in 2001. The make a wish team got with me and we started coming up with ideas. I loved to draw and I loved Yugioh so eventually the idea came together to make a card.”

Q: “So when I was growing up and first found out about the card, rumors around the playground and such were that you passed away and were buried with the card and that your brother also has a copy of the card in your memory. Obviously, there’s no truth to the first part, but does anyone else to your knowledge own a copy of the card?”

A:  “No one will and ever shall. I’d be happy for that rumor to stop. I see soooo many copies and replicas but there will never be another. Konami and 4kids confirmed. Along with the sad passing of the previous Yugioh creator that should lay all rumors to rest.”

Q: “I take it you’ve heard that rumor before?”

A: “Yes, unfortunately. I also have people regularly try to get me to just show it to them, meet with them and the card because their child is going through something similar. I’ve even seen chat rooms that are dedicated to finding where I’m “buried” and digging me up just to get the card? Hence why it’s in a safety deposit box where it’ll have to stay.”

Q: “Is the art yours or was it commissioned by Konami/Upper Deck?”

A: “The art is 100% mine down to the dragon ball z inspiration as well (I loved drawing those characters)”

Q: “Who all was involved if you remember?”

A: “Unfortunately I only have the information with my card which I don’t keep at my place. I know that 4kids was a MASSIVE help in making it happen.”

Q: “Have you ever considered selling it? I’d hope not that’s something I’d want to keep forever and ironically be buried with.”

A: “I have considered selling it later down the road strictly for charity towards Make a Wish or cancer research.”

Q: “Has anyone tried buying it? If so what have they offered?”

A: “Highest most realistic offer I’ve gotten is $150,000”

Q: “Do you think Konami will ever do something similar again? Or was it a one-time thing?”

A: “From what I was told it was a one-time thing. The people who made it happen are unfortunately no longer with us.”

Q: “Are you still interested in Yugioh at all? Do you still play? Have you shown interest in any other TCGs?”

A: “I do not, unfortunately, but I still catch the show every now and then.”

Q: “What’s the scariest thing ever said or done in relationship to your ownership of the card?”

A: “‘I will find you and that card will be mine.’?”

Q: “Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the kids facing similar situations as you did as a child?”

A: “To the kids battling cancer I say keep going. There is a bigger brighter future. There’s a whole world out there for just you, just make it over this one hump and I promise it’ll be worth the fight☺”

I want to thank Tyler for taking time to do this interview, For those who see this, finally know the rumors of his passing as a child are completely false, so stop trying to dig him up!

Congrats on beating cancer dude!

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