Metawatch: What to Expect at GP Texas


Things got a bit crazy this last week. We had 3 major events that cemented the top decks of the meta and gave us a good look at what the rest of the season will be like. We had GP California, GP Montreal, and GP Mulhouse. Because of the mass amount of tournaments, I am going to have to be a bit more selective with what I talk about in this Metawatch. Like always, we are going to talk about how these events will impact the meta moving into GP Richardson this weekend.

New stuff

Pricia decks were the most probable thing to see last weekend. I personally thought people would find more ways to counter the deck, but it seems that Pricia players adapted ahead of time. Considering the aggro and world builds did not change much this time around, I am going to look at the two new versions of the deck that made an extremely strong showing last weekend.

The first was the Jack, Climbing the Beanstalk build that Team On-Tilt played. The deck’s primary focus is the Pricia OTK, but considering you can’t always make that happen, the deck played a backup plan of using Pricia to give Jack flying and swiftness to summon an early Skyscraper Giant. This build proved to be a nightmare for Fiethsing and Gill Alhama’at decks, which were woefully underprepared to fight such a combo.

The other new build that had success this weekend was the Myth build. The deck used Spinning Myths to cheat in an early Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal as its backup plan. This build could completely decimate any kind of setup the opponent had for the OTK and is also an easy answer to Skyscraper Giant (who is can’t be targeted by chants).

Some of these builds used Hydromonica to help them get the two pieces of the combo together and to search for answers to opponents threats.

Now let’s talk about the unexpected

Last week I said Fox was no longer relevant. I predicted that after 3 weeks of not seeing much tournament results, it was gone for good.  However, Fox players took it back to the drawing board and found a new build that worked.

Adding a few more ways to fetch cards out of the graveyard, like End of Days and The Last Drop, allowed the deck to have a bit more consistency.  Also, after a year of seeing no play, World Tree Protector made a showing, allowing the deck to have a bit more gas and focus on playing more darkness resonators.

Next up Is Gill Alhama’at, who still remains one of the better, but harder, to play rulers of this format.

One thing that all Gill Alhama’at players have in common is that they can not decide on a win condition.  Grinning Remnant’s own Quinn Kotecki played 3 copies of Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table, while Malik Bausley stuck to the classics and just used Blazer.

However, Force of Will’s favorite babyface, Alex Blandin, thought he was too good for hard win conditions and just played 1 Arthur and 3 copies of Schrödinger’s Observation as well as some other random garbage like 4 World Flame Summoning and Alice’s World of Madness (basically making it so his opponent could not keep resonators on the board while he could burn them out). Regardless of build, Alhama’at still remains one of the best decks to directly counter Pricia.

The deck that saw the biggest and most unexpected decline was Fiethsing. I would not say that the deck is weak considering Brandon Bremont piloted it to first place in California. However, it seems that a lot of the top players who were loyal to the deck are now finding new homes in Pricia and Alhama’at.

What to expect at GP Texas

Pricia. The deck is looking like it is here to stay; no counters are strong enough to force it out of the top spot. However, I would expect to see more decks that main deck a lot of Pricia hate cards. If Alhama’at players could come together and decide on what build is going be the best one, then it will probably do extremely well. There will also be a surge of Fox players; for whatever reason, the people who like Fox are extremely loyal to it. Have side deck cards like Prison in the Lunar Lake or Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness ready to go.

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  1. As a fox player I can attest to the fox loyalty. I was hyped for pricia, played her for a bit, but I ended up liking my fox deck more. If I was able to go to GP Dallas I would of played fox.I’m kinda excited to see if the next set will provide a deck that I like more then fox.

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