Deckromancy: Mono-Light Millium Deck Tech


Well, it’s Friday, and I’ve been talking to and teasing y’all about this sick mono-Light Millium deck for the past week:

It is my pleasure to present to you the culmination of all this work: “Alex’s Mono-Light Millium deck.dek” (aka “I didn’t think of a witty name for this one”):

Our brothers at the Deep Wood FoW Youtube channel took a look at this deck. Check out their profile video on it:

Let’s recap what everything does:

The deck’s core: 4x Wendy, 4x Tinker Bell, 4x Peter Pan, 4x Red Riding Hood. There’s intense synergy between these four cards, and the goal of the deck is to capitalize on said synergy. This is an aggressive deck, and we aim to take Opp down before turn 4 if at all possible.

The backup plan: 2x Hook, 2x Grimm, 2x Dark Riding Hood, 1x Seven Dwarves. So your initial push with Wendy and friends didn’t succeed and now Opp managed to stabilize. What do we do now? We turn into a midrange deck. Hook and Dark Riding Hood will disrupt Opp’s board, while Grimm can recur our dead fairy tales while also being a solid, evasive beater. Seven Dwarves will stick around on the board and be an effective shield.

The other cards: 4x Sol, 2x Amaterasu’s Foresight, 4x Zero’s Magic Light, 1x Zero, 3x Magic Sweets, 1x Summoning, 1x Ryula’s Volition. These just shore up the gaps in the deck. Sol ramps us and advances our pace. Everything else is just there to protect you or keep the deck functioning properly.

The sideboard: 3x Reduction, 2x Ryula, 2x Ryula’s Volution, 3x Grimm, 2x Hook, 1x Am’s Foresight, 2x Zero. This is just extra removal, extra protection, and some anti-addition sideboard tech.


  1. The deck wants to come out of the gate swinging, but be smart about it. If you’re playing against a faster deck than you (like Pricia), you might want to hold open an Amaterasu’s Foresight and just not play anything on turn 2. It’s a bummer, but there’s no point in any of this if Opp just OTKs us.
  2. Always attack with Wendy before you play a resonator (as long as it’s safe). That extra damage from multiple attacks adds up quick.
  3. Speaking of Wendy, if you need a good card to pump with Sweets or Volition, pop that buff on Wendy and start going to town with the multiple attacks.
  4. Ryula’s Volition gets a discount when targeting Red Riding Hood, Grimm (the Light one), and Zero. If you’re siding in your Grimms or more Zeros, you may very well want to side in more Volitions for that extra protection and damage.
  5. Don’t forget that Millium is just as efficient of a beatstick as any other card in this deck. More so than some. Don’t be afraid to do judgment and attack. Or just do judgment and leave him as a blocker. You’re still getting a stone out of the deal, and eventually, he’ll just be way too big to handle.

Thanks for sticking with me until the end of this series…wait, surprise, there’s more! Come back tomorrow for a look at a different Millium build that I’ve been toying with!

And a huge thanks to Deep Wood FoW. They’re gentlemen and scholars. Don’t forget to check out their Youtube channel and subscribe if you haven’t!

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