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So far this week we’ve talked about what makes Millium a strong ruler, what the core of a Millium fairy tale deck should look like, and looked at other fairy tales to add to the deck.

We’ve gone over all the fairy tale resonators at this point. We want the deck to be strong, of course, so we’ll have to add some other cards in there as well. Here are some good choices:

    1. Sol, Envoy of Light: This reso is not a fairy tale, but it has great synergy with Millium. If you’ve opted to run the mono-Light Millium deck (which I’m focusing on), Sol is basically just a ramp effect on an underwhelming body.

      Paying 2 to ramp a stone is always helpful, especially if we’re aiming to amass all our low-drops or to get Captain Hook out as quickly as possible. The stone Sol gets comes into play recovered, so you can even combo off of Sol into a Wendy or another one-drop (or just hold that stone open). I’d postulate that this would be the optimal turn 2 play. It’s not as explosive as the Wendy + double fairy tale opening I talked about previously, but it’s far more sustainable and pushes you farther along in your game plan.

    2. Amaterasu’s Foresight: Now, I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with the tournament meta as of late (or for the last year, haha), but I do know that Pricia Beastmaster is still a force to be reckoned with even after Laevateinn was subsequently banned and then rotated with Alice Cluster.

      One of the best options we have available to us to fight back against the relentless animal girl onslaught is Amaterasu’s Foresight. For two Will, you can negate all damage Opp throws at you in a turn.

      It’s definitely not the best way to spend your second turn, what with just calling a stone and passing, but if you’re staring down an opposing Pricia, you might want to ensure you stay alive long enough to reach critical mass with your fairy tales. If Opp is not playing Pricia, you could always just side Amaterasu’s Foresight out in games 2 and 3.

    3. Zero’s Magic Light: Removal is good, especially when you’re removing a resonator from the game entirely!

      Unfortunately, ZML costs 2 Will and can only target attacking or blocking resos, but we’re in a mono-Light deck so we just have to make due with what’s available to us. That or branch out into other colors (which I’ll get to later, don’t worry). Speaking of Zero…

    4. Zero, the King’s Blade: So this is an interesting card choice.

      Zero isn’t a fairy tale, so she doesn’t benefit our deck’s core at all. So why run her? Run her because her abilities are great against control decks. Control decks want to do two things: draw cards and remove threats. They want to stall the game until they can reach and play their win con. Zero stops at least one of those pillars of control (and depending on if Opp is playing bounce spells, she stops the other pillar). Also, she has quickcast, so a surprise blocker with on-par stats is never a bad thing. Obviously, the use of Zero is largely dependent on your local meta which will help determine if she goes in your main deck, side deck, or just gets left out entirely.

    5. Magic Sweets: I mentioned that we’re lacking in removal, right? Right. So how can we compensate for this limitation on our deck?

      We need to get aggressive. The goal is to put Opp on the defensive. Make Opp answer your threats, not the other way around. This is the reason why Magic Sweets is a great choice for the Millium deck. It protects our precious fairy tales (or even Millium), keeps them on the board, and buffs them. Whether you’re using it for protection or as a combat trick, Magic Sweets is a great, versatile card that won’t let you down. Pro tip: Try pumping Wendy.

    6. Ryula’s Volition: Take exactly what I said about Magic Sweets, but make it cost more (unless it’s targeting Red Riding Hood, Zero, or Grimm – see below), increase the buff, and tack on Flying to the J/resonator.

      If Opp is running copious amounts of removal, side in Ryula’s Volition. If you had to bring in your “Will of Hope” resonators, side in Ryula’s Volition. If you just need to win a damage race against a midrange deck, side in Ryula’s Volition. 

    7. Summoning from the Fairy Tale World: We don’t have much card advantage in mono-light, and even in the card advantage we do have, we’re not drawing extra cards.

      Summoning helps mitigate this issue by basically just saying “Pay 2: tutor up two fairy tale resonators”. Pretty good! Go find that Peter Pan you need and flood the board, or go search up Captain Hook and mess with your opponent’s stones.

    8. Grimm, the Rightful King: Grimm is great sideboard tech. He’s a 500/700 that destroys an addition when he comes into play and lets you tutor up a Fairy Tale resonator afterward.

      At only two Will, he’s not a costly investment. His 700 defense provides a satisfactory wall against early-mid game resonators as well. You really want to be siding Grimm in against decks that go heavy on additions; one addition that will prove difficult for our deck to handle is Alice’s World of Madness.

    9. Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess: Speaking of Ryula, the actual resonator is a great sideboard card as well.

      If Opp happens to be running a lot of burn or J-ruler kill spells, there’s no better way to punish them than having Ryula come in and heal Millium (then do judgment again and get more stones). She’s also about on par in terms of stats for cost, so at the very least you have a somewhat decent body on the board.

    10. Reduction: We don’t have many options for removal in a mono-light deck, so you might need to resort to Reduction to handle some problems.

      At its very best, you’re just using it on a big resonator and blocking it to death with impunity. At its very worst, you’re just negating a resonator’s damage for a turn, kind of like a bad Amaterasu’s Foresight. All in all, an alternative to better removal.

    11. Crippling Light: Sometimes you just need an overcosted board wipe…you’re probably just better trying to match wide decks in combat.

That’s all the cards I feel are worthy of consideration in the mono-light Millium deck. Did I miss any cards? Leave a comment on the article (or social media) and we can discuss!


(And, again, in case you missed the previous three articles in this series, I’d highly recommend you go take a look. They’re about what makes Millium such a powerful ruler, what the core of a Millium deck should look like, and what other fairy tales might fit in the deck!)

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