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In case you missed it, this is a continuation from yesterday’s article: “Ruler Roulette: Millium“.

So we have our ruler picked out for the deck. Now what?

The next step is to choose what fairy tale support will be accompanying Millium to battle and make up the core of the deck. There are approximately 40 fairy tale resonators currently in New Frontiers, so we have quite the selection to choose from. I’ll point out the best fairy tales and briefly explain what makes them good:

  1. Tinker Bell, the Fairy: Tink 2.0 is one of the best one-drops in your deck. A 100/100 flyer for 1 isn’t great, but her power is in her scalability. The longer Tink stays in play, and the more fairy tales you put on the board, the more she increases in strength. If you play Tink on turn 1, you’re not getting to attack with her until turn 2. By turn 2, you should have at least one more fairy tale in play (potentially two), making Tink upwards of a 500/500, hitting Opp in the face with ease thanks to flying. And that’s just turn 2.

  2. Dreaming Girl, Wendy: Speaking of one-drops, let’s talk about Wendy. You may recall that in the past, in a specific episode of the FoWcast, I was overly harsh on Wendy. I did not expect this resonator to be any good, and I made my opinion quite clear. I’ll admit that I was wrong. Wendy is one of the best fairy tale resonators in the game; this is something I’ve confirmed through rigorous playtesting.

    Wendy is a 200/300 for 1, but if you have no special stones, she gets +200/+200. Whenever you have another fairy tale resonator come into play, Wendy recovers, allowing you to attack once more.

    1. So let’s go back to this turn 1-2 example I used with Tink a minute ago. Say you play Wendy on turn 1. Turn 2 comes around, and you have no special stones. You attack Opp for 400. You’ve either hit them or they blocked Wendy. Now you play Tinker Bell or another Wendy. Wendy recovers thanks to a fairy tale reso entering your field. You attack for another 400. Got another 1 drop fairy tale? Play it, Wendy recovers, and you hit Opp for another 400. That’s a potential 1200 damage coming out of Wendy on turn 2.
    2. Now, to be perfectly fair, all my testing with Wendy has been in my mono-fire Grimm burn Wanderer deck. Wendy gets her buff regardless of what attribute of stones you have, just so long as you have no special stones. The extra +200 damage goes a long way in that deck. I expect the result to be similar but less apparent with this Millium deck. You’re still getting the same card with the same benefits, and the work she puts in will still add up the same.

    3. Although it’s not as important as her other two abilities, Wendy does get flying if you control Eternal Boy Peter Pan. Evasion is never a bad thing, that’s all I’ll say about it.
  3. Eternal Boy, Peter Pan: Speaking of Peter Pan…here’s a great fairy tale to add to a Millium deck! At first glance, a 500/600 flyer for 3 is not impressive at all. That’s before you look at his enter the field ability, however:

    Peter Pan is card advantage on a 500/600 flying body! When Peter Pan comes into play, you get to search your deck for a fairy tale that costs 1 Will and put it directly into play. That’s right, into play. Not into your hand. You’re getting two resonators for the price of one. We’ve already talked about two great one-drops in Tink and Wendy, but there’s one more that I really want to discuss:

  4. Red Riding Hood, Rainbow to the Heavens: At base stats, RRH is a 400/400 one-drop. Where Red Riding Hood really shines is when you break her Seal (3) and she gains flying and swiftness.

    Now, again, this might not seems all that great until I remind you that Peter Pan costs 3 Will to cast. When Peter Pan comes into play, you get to search for a 1 cost fairy tale and put it into play. Red Riding Hood costs 1. You put her into play as well. You have three stones in play at this point, which breaks RRH’s seal. Now she has flying and swiftness. So essentially, by paying 3 for Peter Pan, you’re now getting a 500/600 flyer and a 400/400 flyer with swiftness. That’s 900 flying power on the board spread out across two resonators, one of which can attack immediately.

    This, in my opinion, is one of the strongest plays this Millium deck has available to it. Not only are you increasing your board presence and getting damage in, but Wendy and Tinker Bell also benefit from the extra fairy tales on the board.

So far we have Tink 2.0, Wendy, Peter Pan, and Red Riding Hood. Let’s goldfish this:

(You have the nut hand and your hypothetical opponent does not play a spell throughout this exercise. You’re on the play.)

Turn 1: Call stone; play Wendy.

Turn 2: Draw; Call stone; Wendy attacks for 400; play Wendy #2; Wendy #1 recovers and attacks for 400; play Tinker Bell; Wendy #1 recovers and attacks for 400.

Opp is at 2800 life on turn 2.

Turn 3: Draw; Call stone; both Wendys attack for 400 each; play Peter Pan and search for Red Riding Hood; both Wendys recover; both Wendys attack for another 400 each; RRH attacks for 400; Tink attacks for 900.

Opp is at -100 life on turn 3. You win on turn 3.

Of course, this probably won’t happen in a real game, but this demonstrates just how devastating Wendy, Tink, Peter Pan, and Red Riding Hood can be when used in conjunction. Did you notice that they all even had flying?


(And, again, in case you missed yesterday’s article, I’d highly recommend you go give it a glance. It’s all about what makes Millium such a potentially powerful ruler! http://www.grinningremnant.com/articles/new-frontiers/ruler-roulette-millium/)

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