Ruler Roulette: Millium


Have you ever wanted to play some of the best resonators in Force of Will, of all five attributes, without worrying about color fixing?

Hey there. It’s your number 1 fairy tale boy dropping in with a sweet new fairy tale deck that’s sure to get your locals in a buzz.

Now I know what most of my long-time readers will say: “Ugh, again with the Millium nonsense, Alex? Really?” To you, my friends, all I can ask of you is to hear me out.

Where, in the past, much to my chagrin, Millium couldn’t even be considered a decent ruler, we’re now in a New Frontiers format rife with fairy tale support. Sure, we’re missing some of the better fairy tales from Grimm and Alice Cluster, but we’ve picked up a slew of new, maybe even better resonators with Lapis and Reiya Cluster.

You will be missed 🙁

If you’re wondering why I’m so hyped on Millium and fairy tales, it’s because I played Grimm nigh religiously throughout almost all of the original New Frontiers format since the game first released in the United States. I also still play Grimm in Wanderer (on the rare occasion I get to go to locals).

Millium, although not as versatile as Grimm, adds a few key upsides that may potentially make him just as good, if not better than his dad.

Such good times we used to have…

Let’s talk about these upsides a little more in depth, shall we?

  1. With Millium as your J/ruler, you can pay the attribute cost of Fairy Tale resonators with light Will. This means that, regardless of the attribute of a fairy tale reso, you can use light Will to play it. This is the key ability we aim to leverage in a Millium deck.
    1. Now, this doesn’t necessarily limit us to using only light stones in our deck, but it does strongly influence how we build it. You can still use light dual stones to add more cards and versatility.
    2. Luckily there’s a lot of good light cards you can use.
    3. It’s unfortunate that it’s only light Will that Millium can use. Grimm gave a little more wiggle room terms of how you could build your deck. That said, Grimm didn’t have the next three benefits:
  2. Millium, unlike Grimm, has energize. Getting ahead on Will is definitely a boon, especially if you’re playing an aggressive deck (as Millium tends to lean towards). Dropping a Wendy and a Tink 2.0 on turn 1 will definitely have Opp sweating! It even gives you that extra boost later in the game if you want to, for instance, cast Hook a turn early.

  3. Millium, unlike Grimm, has a J-ruler side, and man oh man it’s one helluva J-ruler side!
    1. You get a stone when you do judgment. One of the biggest risks in Force of Will is trying to determine if you want to give up a valuable stone drop for a J-ruler. Millium does not have this problem. You don’t have to choose between your stone for the turn and doing judgment because you get both!
    2. Millium is a base 900/900. This is more than on par for the 3 Will you paid to flip him. Although he’s still well in range to be burnt dead at this point, this won’t be a problem for long.

    3. Whenever Millium attacks or blocks, you get to Force (1) and get that many +100/+100 counters. This means Millium is getting, on average, +400/+400 in every combat he participates in.
      1. These are counters we’re talking about, by the way. This boost doesn’t go away at the end of the turn. Millium will continue to grow.
      2. While the initial 900/900 is not exactly impressive, Millium can quickly grow out of hand if left unchecked by your opponent (and it’s hard to keep him in check once he’s bumped his defense up past the point of burning to death. There’s not a ton of J-ruler kill spells floating around either).
    4. You can still use light Will to pay for any attribute costs of fairy tale resonators. You don’t lose your key ability when you flip (like we’ve seen with other J-rulers in the past).

It’s safe to say that between the great flexibility you have in your resonator selection, and his impressive combat skills, Millium has a ton of potential to keep the game going in your favor.


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