So Many Fairy Tales, So Little Time


So far this week we’ve talked about what makes Millium a strong ruler, and what the core of a Millium fairy tale deck should look like.

With the core resonators taken care of, let’s take a look at some other fine fairy tales we can add to this sick Millium deck.

    1. Captain Hook, the Pirate: Hook will almost always swing games in your favor. Whether it be the 3-for-1 card advantage you net when he enters play, or his 1000/1000 body putting Opp on a 4 turn clock, Hook is going to do work and do it well.

      My personal favorite use of Hook is to punish greedy decks who chose to run too many attributes. If your opponent is, for instance, running a three-color deck and only has one stone out that makes a specific color, you can lock Opp out of that color for an extra two turns by putting that stone back in their deck, one from the top. Not only are you setting Opp back by two turns, but they can’t cast any spells of the color you locked them out of. Alternatively, you can always just bounce two pesky resonators off the board. Bouncing resonators isn’t as good as bouncing stones, especially if those resonators have enter the field effects, but sometimes you just need to clear blockers off a board.

    2. Grimm, the Pitch Black Vampire: Something our deck will definitely be in need of is a way to recur dead fairy tales. As an aggressive deck, the ever-present risk of running out of steam looms on the horizon. Aside from drawing cards, the best way to avoid gassing out is graveyard recurrence. Why not tack on a 900/900 flying body to it?

      Grimm does have an ability to debuff Opp’s board based on the number of fairy tales you control. The issue here is that this ability costs DD, while you’re most likely playing a mono-Light deck in order to maximize the potential of Wendy. While an L/D Millium deck is possible, I’d recommend sticking to mono-Light for Wendy for this exercise. It’s a shame we can’t profit off Grimm’s debuff, but that’s life. (Don’t worry, I’ll get to other builds as well.)

    1. Dark Riding Hood: So we’ve discussed when Little Red was rolling hard after taking her “medicine”. Now let’s talk about the goth phase she went through when she stopped taking said medicine.

      Dark Riding Hood is a card that I’m having quite the difficult time analyzing, and I’ve yet to actually use her first-hand, so everything I say will have to be pure conjecture and nothing further:

      1. On paper, Dark Riding Hood seems quite strong. 3 Will for a 700/800 that potentially has Swiftness depending on how bad of a spot you’re in? Not the best, but definitely has potential depending on her other abilities.
      2. Another “depending on how bad of a spot you’re in” ability that gives her deathtouch? Definitely not bad at all.
      3. Whenever DRH attacks, she deals 200 damage to a player or resonator. Probably not going to be killing anything with (unless you’re under 2000 life to enable deathtouch), but the extra damage will definitely add up if she’s left unchecked for a few turns. You also gain 200 life, which is helpful!
      4. Some mystery counters ability that we’ll disregard as we aren’t using mystery counters. So what we’re getting is a decent beater who gets even better as the game progresses, has a repeatable removal effect, and gains you life. Again, I have to mention that I’ven’t tried Dark Riding Hood out yet, but she seems like a pretty alright choice if you can find room for a copy or two (or three).
  1. The Three Evil Little Pigs: Dude, I really want Pigcoil Engine to be good, but I just don’t particularly think it is. I toyed around with the piggies during the Ancient Nights prerelease, and even in a relatively slow limited format, the 3 bodies this card produces still didn’t make much of an impact.

    By the time you’ve reached 5 stones, no amount of 400/400’s is going to do you any good. You might as well just look at this as a 5 cost “You deal 400 damage to your Opponent and gain a ton of life”. Not the worst in terms of a lifeswing, but there’s much much better things you can be doing with 5 Will. (And for the record, you’re gaining 400 life and then a theoretical X life through using them to block. Call it blocking, lifegain, damage negation, sponges, whatever.)

  2. The Seven Dwarves: So this right here is a 700/700 for 3 Will, which is bad unless you consider the fact that it’s 7 +100/+100 counters. These dudes negate all damage dealt to them but lose a counter every time it happens.

    They make great blockers, they can’t be burnt to death, and effects that change their stats won’t do much since they’ll keep their counters. All in all, not a bad card. I could see it being better used in a sideboard and brought out against faster decks. Depending on how quick the meta is, you could run it mainboard.

  3. Red Riding Hood: Another Red Riding Hood? Seriously? Why are there so many?

    Whatever, I’m not a fan of this RRH. Her ramp effect is alright, but it’s unfortunate that the stone enters rested. I wouldn’t expect games to last 7 turns, so the most you’ll ever get from this card is a 700/700 2-drop that ramps on death. If our deck isn’t tight for slots, I’d throw in 2 or 3 of this card. There are much better cards with similar effects, however.

  4. Little Red, Fairy Tale of Air: No. Stop it. No more Little Reds. This one is bad outside of Wind decks.
Enough! Too many Little Reds!

So that wraps it up on the fairy tales I believe are noteworthy. There’s quite a few more, but I’m not impressed or intrigued by them in regards to the Millium deck.


(And, again, in case you missed the previous two articles in this series, I’d highly recommend you go take a look. They’re about what makes Millium such a potentially powerful ruler, and what the core of a Millium deck should look like!)

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