When Pricia Met Izanagi


Years ago the internet was enraged with which team you were on, Jacob or Edward. The same could be said about which team Pricia should go for, Izanagi or Jack. Both help Pricia achieve her goals, and both have posted numerous Top 8s in Grand Prix around the world. Each Jack and Izanagi have also won two different Grand Prix events as well.

This weekend Grand Prix Ohio was held, and the debate was apparently settled by the overwhelming appearances of Pricia Myths in the top 16. Five of the top eight slots were taken by Pricia Myths this weekend, and although it did not end up winning the event, it still held a dominance over the meta.

Just a heads up, this article won’t be very long. I’ve already discussed how Pricia decks work in my previous Pricia Week articles Bow to the Queen and When Pricia met Jack, so I’m basically just going to explain what differentiates the Spinning Myths build from the other Pricia builds.

So, what is Pricia Myths?

Spinning Myths is a card that adds new threats to the Pricia game plan. The threat in question is Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal, Pricia’s newest beau. Those resonators who think they can lay down some blocks or that Deathscythe that may be preventing your one turn kill, Izanagi clears the way. The best part about it is that Izanagi gets an increase in his stats for each of those that he removes, at times coming into play as a 2000 attack powered resonator.

With that Torrent effect of Spinnings Myths triggering Pricia’s Resonance, you now have a 2000 powered flying, swift attacker as well. Following this up with flipping Pricia and attacking twice with her is your goal.

Support cards that help this strategy are Hydromonica and Frigg. Hydromonica helps set up your draw because you want that Izanagi in your hand or top of the deck depending on the situation. Hydromonica can also help you hit some situational cards that can help you in a pinch.

Frigg helps as she keeps the game going by getting back your Spinning Myths, Izanagi and possibly a Wind-Secluded Refuge from your graveyard. With Frigg, you can keep your game plan going and continue to apply threats on a board that was once thought dealt with.

Did I mention Frigg is also a Myth? No? Well, Frigg is a Myth, and thus works wonders with Spinning Myths.

What’s similar between Pricia Myths and other Pricia decks?

There are a few similarities between the Myths build and other Pricia builds:

  1. Pricia is the ruler (of course).
  2. Similar cards.
  3. Pricia is the engine that keeps the deck moving.
  4. Pricia will still be giving swiftness and flying to your resonators.
  5. Regardless of if you’re playing the Jack and the Giant variant or the Spinning Myths variant, you always have the Pricia OTK as a backup plan.

What’s the difference between Pricia Myths and other Pricia decks?

This is an easy question to answer. You see those Jacks and Skyscraper Giants those Pricia decks in my last article used? Well, those aren’t in Pricia Myths (just like how Spinning Myths and Izanagi aren’t in the Giant build).

That’s it for Pricia week!

I hope my articles this week have been helpful to you in understanding the various Pricia decks sweeping the meta at the moment, and hopefully, you now know how they tick.

I leave you with this quandary: What defines a format? Is it the amount of a certain card or deck that is being played, or is it what actually wins events? Does having an overwhelming showing matter if a different deck is winning tournaments?

Now, as you ponder, take a look at the whopping FIVE Pricia Myths decks in the Top 8 of GP Ohio this weekend:

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