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Welcome back Wanderers for another entry in our Pricia Week. In our prior article, we broke down what made the Pricia, True Beastmaster so powerful. This alone can win you games but you need more than just that one trick if you want to do well at a tournament. Not to say that you won’t win games with the quick Pricia kill but to make a better analogy, you need more arrows in your quiver than just that if you plan to win a Grand Prix.

Since she has retaken control of her body back from Valentina, Pricia has met some new men in her life. Today we are going to talk about her powerful relationship she started with Jack, Climber of the Beanstalk. This relationship has been powerful enough to take two players to the winner’s circle of a Grand Prix and make many other top 8 appearances.

In our prior article (Bow to the Queen) we talked about what made Pricia so powerful. What Jack and his Giant friend add to the deck is a whole other win condition.

Instead of your opponent just having to worry about Pricia killing them, they have to deal with Jack and the Giant. Jack himself seems a bit bland and non-threatening, and to be honest, he is. Prior to his relationship with Pricia, getting his ability to trigger would be quite difficult. Pricia’s resonance ability really brings out Jack’s potential by making him fly and granting him swiftness. To be fair, any resonator gets better when it suddenly can gain flying and swiftness, but what Jack brings to the table is that when he damages the opponent, he brings out his friend the Skyscraper Giant.

Now here is a threatening resonator; he has 1700 attack and defense, has barrier to chants, and when activated deals 800 damage to all non-fliers. Few things can stand up to a quickly played Giant, his protection from chants stops easy removal options like Zero’s Magic Light, Bear Magic, or any other number of targeted removal chants. His massive stats make sure he wins just about any fight with another resonator or J-ruler, but that is taking into account there are any blockers left alive thanks to the Giant’s activated ability.

Pro tip: Before you recover your cards, use Giant’s damage ability to do 800 damage to all J/resonators without flying. Then, after recovery, use it again. Nothing can live through 1600 damage other than other Giants and a few less played J/resonators!

The other tools that help round out the deck are Fiery Fox of Reincarnation and Mariabella, the Machine Hearted. Both are seeing play in nearly every Pricia Jack deck and for great reason. Fiery Fox is there to make sure you can get your deck moving faster. He helps get you extra Resonance triggers and is another tool you can use to make sure to trigger Pricia’s Gods Art.

Fiery Fox gets your deck moving faster. He helps get you extra Resonance triggers and is another tool you can use to make sure to trigger Pricia’s Gods Art. When you have Fiery Fox in play, you can treat it as a ramp resonator, because you can use a stone and immediately replace it with a new one. Oh, and if that stone is a Memoria of Reincarnation, you get to draw a card as well! Pretty good, right?

Mariabella has numerous effects that all add up to help you seal the deal on a longer running match. With a J-Ruler that cycles stones, and the aforementioned Fiery Fox helping, it’s easy to accumulate blast and breeze counters. With enough blaze counters, she provides removal to opposing J/resonators, and the breeze counters offer protection from opposing chants. Combine that with her 1000/1000 body (add flying and swiftness from Pricia) and you have a winning package. On top of all of that, she gets you a stone as well! If your opponent has been able to deal with your onslaught of Giants and Pricia, Mariabella provides another threat to an already deadly strategy.

Examples of Grand Prix winning Pricia and Jack decks are Aaron Miles’ winning deck at GP Montreal, and Jose Ontana’s winning deck at GP Barcelona.


Next time, Pricia starts attending poetry jams and meets another possible suitor for her: Izanagi. Will he steal her heart? Stay tuned to Pricia week to find out!

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