BREAKING NEWS: FOW Battle Simulator Huge Update!


Force of Will Battle Simulator announces its biggest update yet.  Scheduled to be released tomorrow, FoW BS will patch to ver.2017040411 which unlocks new updates and features.  I’ve been secretly testing it for the last month now, and I must say I am excited to be making this announcement now that the NDA is up.

So, what is in this exciting development?  In a word, matchmaking.  That’s right, actual real, honest to goodness matchmaking.  No more peer to peer connections.  Force of Will has implemented a system where you sign in using the Force of Will app.  From there you load your profile which includes all your decks, player statistics, KOW Arena rating and even customizable options like player photo.  The app will continue to track your progress so you can look up your information on the go. 

KOW Arena rating?  That stands for King of Will Arena rating.  Like your competitive rating in Overwatch, KOW Area rating or KOWAR will gauge your performance in ranked games with opponents who are equal in ranking.  It gains you points based on wins and losses, but doesn’t penalize you too harshly if you play well.  For example, if you lose a match two games to one, the loss in points is not as harsh as it would have been if you lost two nil.  That logic flips on wins too.  If you are squeaking by winning all of your games 2-1 don’t expect your rating to be as high as players who are trouncing their opponents 2-0.

KOWAR balances well in the short time I have seen it.  I think over a long period of time people we generally shake out into the tier groups based on their playing experience.  Currently there are four tiers, and these are cringingly named (from bottom to top) Resonator, Ruler, J-Ruler, and King of Will.  These tiers will insure proper matchmaking of equal skill without the pains of smurfs or badly matched games.  Force of Will has also indicated to me that they intend for a “seasons” like play period.  Or in other words, a fresh restart every 6 months or so that will mirror the product release schedule.  They are also planning prize support for the top players each season, although I could not get my source to tell me exactly what they are offering.

About that matchmaking?  Sorry, I get pretty excited about KOWAR.  Matchmaking is based on your KOWAR.  You click on the “Take me to the match” button and the system finds a suitable opponent.  For ranked games, simply toggle the ranked box right above the button.  Note that finding a ranked matchup takes much longer than a non-ranked matchup.  This only makes sense.  I’d rather the system find me a suitable opponent rather than hastily match me up with someone several ranks up on me. 

For non-ranked games as I stated before the process is much faster, and the ranking requirements looser.  I’ve been ranked with people well below my ranking, and also a few a bit above me as well.  For the most part the system errs on the side of going lower, not higher, for those non-ranked games.  So think of non-ranked as a quickplay of sorts, allowing you to jump into a game quickly with a much more random opponent than one of equal skill level like ranked.  The biggest difference between the two is non-ranked obviously won’t affect your KOWAR.  So it is a great place to test out those new deck ideas!

Waiting for match times was bad for me all the way across the board, but then again there are not many of us in the beta.  I suspect that will get only get better as people get the update and log in for the first time.

Force of Will has also indicated they are working on a “tournament mode” where players can join a tournament style format and duke it out to the end until there is only one.  Alas, at the time of this writing they have not completed it yet so it will not be rolled out in the new patch.  However, they are optimistically targeting sometime in June for its release.

The release includes the usual plethora of bug fixes and a few fresh coats of paint here and there.  Also in the release is the new set Return of the Dragon Emperor.  Yes, the entire new set.  So you can test all of your new Alhama’at and Pricia deck ideas.

Force of Will also indicated that there was another “surprise idea” in the mix they haven’t released yet.  Keep it locked right here at GR and we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

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