Good Day everyone. Welcome to what may very well be a return to the norm for the Grinning Remnant Weekly news recap.

Surprisingly, FoWCo has put out, comparatively, a lot of stuff this week. With the exception of a Q&A, we are almost completely back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Let’s get started.


On Tuesday, we got another round of the ENW Lore delivered to us by the mystery poster. We also still do not know who is crafting these new stories but the rumor is they are the remainder of what Jordan had worked on. They are simply being uploaded on schedule again.

As Yggdrasil continues to grow and consume, Alice and Lapis continued their war of words. The battle between the Wander group and Lapis wages on. Sides have officially be chosen and lines have been drawn. Zero and Sylvia square off, while Zero tries to protect the young Millium. Pandora continues her spell to stop Yggdrasil, and Grimm attempts to save his wife.

Jump on in at the link below to continue the whole story.


Details for the second set in the Reiya cluster have been revealed. Advent of the Demon King will release on December 8th, and just like every other set, there will be a special buy-a-box promo as well as a playmat for buying 3 boxes. Images below:

Similar to the first Reiya Cluster set, Ancient Nights, Advent of the Demon King is a larger set that will have more cards supporting a Draft format. Each box will include the five Basic Draft Rulers, same as before, as well as a bundle of 30 Magic Stones.

Make sure to check back with us as spoiler season begins. We will do our best to cover all the cards spoiled as they are. With Jordan gone, we are not sure what this release plan will be but we will see.

Be sure to bookmark our Advent of the Demon King spoiler gallery at: to be kept up to date of the newest spoiled cards! Hopefully FoW Co gives us some higher resolution images this time!


Announced as well was the ADK Prerelease, which will take place starting on December 1st. Participants will receive a special pre-release promo card. This time the promo is Oberon, Lord of the Elves.

If you are able to take down the full tournament, then you can get your hands on a special pre-release Playmat. I really like the art on this playmat, I just hate how they always make the playmat art go the wrong direction.

Make sure that participate in the events so that you can get yours.


Not much in terms of site news this week! Alex’s “GrinningRemnant Rejuvenation Project” is still going strong. He’s been writing about Grimm decks and other Wanderer topics this week:

  1. Revisiting Grimm
  2. The Old Fairy Tales
  3. More Old Fairy Tales (and How to Level Up Your Game)

We also have some other content from existing writers and new prospects in the queue!

Also, we’ve received a few notifications that some of our viewers visit GR, they are having malicious ads redirect them to other sites. We don’t currently know what’s causing this issue, but this is unacceptable and is being sorted out. If you’re automatically redirected off of GR, please don’t click anything. Just close the tab/window and try visiting us again. Let us know on social media or via our contact page if you have any issues!

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See you next time, Wanderers!

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