Hello, my friends. I welcome you all to a very important instance of the Grinning Remnant weekly news recap. Why is this week’s article so special you ask?

Well, the times they are a-changing.

I know we have a lot of loyal readers but with the lack of news being released and the disappearance of Jordan (more on this soon) things are different. How many of you would be upset if the Grinning Remnant weekly news recap became more of a Breaking News type column? We would still cover spoilers and set releases. We would not forget to mention any promos or events as they are released. Mostly when there are weeks like the last couple where very little happened we would skip that week.

I am willing to do whatever you guys want as fans. Comment below with your thoughts.

Anyway, on to this week’s Force of Will news!


As we have discussed previously Jordan has gone AWOL. There are rumors swirling all over the internet but nothing official has been released in regards to his status with FoWCo. After doing some searching, I was able to see that his FoW Reddit account has been disabled, he has removed all FOW content from his Facebook page, and USHT (who moderates the Reddit page) states that he was told the community contributor posts have been canceled. It seems Jordan is no longer involved with FoWCo.

Adding to these rumors is the fact that he is posting/advertising cards for a completely different TCG on his FB page. I doubt he would be able to pull this off if he was still employed with FoWCo.

Who knows? Maybe we will never find out what happens. Hopefully whoever replaces him is still willing to provide us with similar content as we have seen. I know many in the community would love to continue reading the lore articles, seeing spoilers, and the Q&A.

FoWCo if you read this, we at GR would love this responsibility!!! Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge.


Speaking of lack of updates, after not being updated in months and missing the release of multiple sets, the Force of Will Battle Simulator seems to have fallen by the wayside. With no explanation as to why this is, fans are left wanting. Hopeful something will change shortly as this could kill the Battle Sim. With all the problems it already had this is not a good sign.


So this may be old news at this point, but all the info for the Force of Will movie is still missing. The official page on the mothership is gone, as is the Facebook page.

That’s all for this week! Let us know in the comments on this post (or on social media) what you’d like to see with the news going forward!

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