Welcome back Wanderers, to the Grinning Remnant weekly news recap.

Once again this week everything seems to be back to “normal”. Still no new Q&A stream but we have been flooded with spoilers and additional news this week. Let’s jump in, just like the deep end.


Starting on Sunday, the new spoiler season began. However, there is one huge difference to this spoiler season. Instead of two articles each week displaying all the new cards, we get a small preview, usually 4-5 cards, each day. Each spoiler is a different attribute and if I remember correctly if follows the same reveal pattern as the previous spoiler season.

Sunday kicked off with Light, revealing a few good cards while not yet revealing a Light based Ruler. Most of the Light cards revealed were “ok” with most people seeing them working with Lumia the best. Then came Monday.

On Monday, we got a glimpse of the demon king himself, and he did not disappoint. Starting off as Welser, the Archmage then transforming into Welser, The King of Demons he could be the true 5 Attribute Ruler we have been waiting for. His main feature functions in response to the new Magic Crest cards, as his ability allows him to tap those cards for Will of their Attribute color. This is interesting because with the right hand/build he could easily perform Judgement on turn 3 making him a 1500/1500 with Swiftness while also applying the 3(divided) -100/-100 counters to your opponents J/resonators. Add in the fact that his artwork is super sick he definitely seems good.

The Magic crest cards are simply Additions that provided an ability when they enter the battlefield. Once can be used to trigger abilities like the one on Welser. There are also a few spoiled resonators that trigger off of you controlling a crest such as Fire Majin. This card has the new Crest keyword that reads, This card gains the following text as long as you control a fire Magic Crest. Based on what has been spoiled, each attribute has their own Majin with an appropriate Crest ability. Each ability also seems to fit in line with the normal theme of each Attribute as well, Fire does damage, Water draws a card, and Light adds counters.

On Tuesday, we got some of the Water spoilers, and while falling in line with the rest of the Attributes revealed this one doesn’t seem as strong. With one exception, Shaela’s Return. Could this card be printed correctly? We have seen a similar card before in Alice’s Pursuit which was eventually errata’d. I would take a guess that since this one doesn’t draw a card as well it probably won’t be errata’d. If so, then this is great. I immediately love his card.

On Wednesday, Wind was revealed and minus some “possibly playable” counterspell and addition removal cards nothing big was shown. The look of the Wind Majin might be my favorite though.

On Thursday, we got some Darkness in our life. Advent of the Demon King seems playable though very limited in what it truly affects. The Darkness Majin and Darkness Crest might just be my two favorites. The Darkness Crest allows you to return a resonator from your graveyard to your hand and the Darkness Majin has you destroy a resonator with total cost 2 or less when it enters. While not oppressively strong I can see these two being serious contenders for play. Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies is definitely one of the most interesting cards spoiled so far. The ability to play around with -100/-100 counters is the power of this card. The combos and strategies with this guy seem really good and it plays well into the Welser deck as well. Will be interesting to see if this ends up a Meta player or not.

Check out our full spoiler gallery here: (Once Alex gets it presentable – it takes a bit of effort to get it looking proper.)


This week we also got a glimpse at the new Ruler League promos for the month of December. These are our Christmas Promos as each has a Christmas theme to them. Starting out with Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvest, she gets a very Santa Clause-ish redesign. Shaela’s Elite also gets a redesign but more in the vein of Eastern European Santa. I always prefer the Halloween promos more but I know many people who will enjoy these.

We also got a new Magic Stone based on Artwork from The Caster Chronicles. I like this one much better than the Fire Magic stone we have seen previously. Once we get a full run of the “The Caster Stones” it should be pretty cool.


This was a busy week for us at GrinningRemnant. We started off the week with a primer article from Dylan about Force of Will Co’s newest game “The Caster Chronicles”. We then got a spooky Halloween story from Alex. After that, Mike from Deep Wood did a guest piece about his new Alahama’at deck!

Alex had to slow down on his Grimm series to work more on the site and the spoiler gallery, as well as check out some potential new writers. So, the Grimm and subsequent stuff is getting delayed, but we’re getting new stuff, so that’s good!

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