Good day, good day my friends. I hope you have been enjoying the release of Return of the Dragon Emperor. A lot of cool new stuff was released and the format seems to be changing once again. For the better.

A few bits of news to cover, so let kick this off like always…


  • No official Wanderer events at this time.
  • No more AGP’s or NGP’s, just GP’s going forward.
  • The Top 8 decklist from recent events are what Jordan expected. He thought Zero would show up more though.
  • Will there be an Ascended Gil Lapis? Probably not.
  • More non-Ruler secret cards possible in the future.
  • 2 special stones in Echoes of the New World.
  • New Cluster lore has already begun to be written
  • More support for Heroic Spirit.
  • More Myths? Jordan doesn’t think so. Couldn’t think of any off the top of his head.
  • No confirmation, the earliest Energize tokens made available would be in the starter decks for the next cluster.
  • Up to 8 possible sub tiers for VIP rewards in WPS.
  • Energize more than likely to be feature on every Ruler going forward.
  • No plans for expansion of countries available thru WPS.
  • No immediate plans for updating Battle Sim with older sets.
  • Full Art CFC Rulers? Maybe.
  • Vingolf’s will be a mix of original FoW stories and partnered IPs.
  • No Six Sage support in L4.
  • Some Dragonoid support in L4.
  • There will be a Vingolf dedicated to the FoW Movie.
  • Jordan loves the nickname J-Wall for himself. Call him that as much as possible
  • If an anime for FoW is ever made it would be released in conjunction with a new set that it is based off of.
  • More Vampires in L4.
  • Lars is dead.

There was some more random questions about Casters and Architects given but since that is not directly FoW related I have left it out.

You can check out the full stream on the FoWCo official Twitch site.


On Wednesday, FoWCo announced the promos and prize support for the New Jersey GP in July. I have included the specifics below as well as a few images for the alternate art Horn of Sacred Beast Promo and the golden Mars Ruler. The playmat looks really cool, featuring art from the new Vingolf 3 ruler stones.

Force of Will GP New Jersey
Atlantic City Convention Center
Address: 1 Convention Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Date: July 15th (1st day is open to all players)
July 16th (2nd day is open only to top players)
Registration time: 9AM
Entry Fee: 20.00 USD


On Tuesday, FoWCo provided a nice tournament report from the California GP. A Fiethsing deck took down the whole tournament with Pricia making a respectable showing, taking 3 of top 8 spots. We even got a Alhama’at deck showing up in the top 8.

Click on the link to check out the complete deck list for each deck.


On Friday, FoWCo announced two new Smart Phone app games based on Force of Will and its characters. “Echoes of Will” and “Force of Will Gakuen” are the names of these new games. Looking at the information provided these could be weirdly absurd games but the fact that they are being announced on April 1st is kinda suspicious. If these are indeed legit then wow. Definitely a different direction.

If they are fake, as I assume they are, bravo. The image and web design behind this is very well put together.

Check out the complete information about these “games” here.


On Monday, the second part of the Force of Will bootcamp was released. For further information on Return of the Dragon Emperor and how the new cards from that set affect the meta check it out. Definitely worth the read.


Not much going on ’round here, but Shadai and Alex are gearing up to record the podcast this weekend.  If you had things you’d like to them to discuss, be sure to drop us a line!

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