Good Day and Good Morrow my friends.

We a few bits of news but not a lot. It’s been a light week in FoW News. We got the stream, we got some Top 8 results, and we got some general news in the world of FoW.

Let’s kick this off like we always do with the Q&A Stream.


  • No news on a Vingolf 3 reprint at this time.
  • Major ARCHITECTS and CASTER News later this week/next week. Characters and Core Concepts.
  • Will Lapis become a dragon? “Probably not”
  • 0 cost cards unlikely, but if so the power will be limited to avoid cards like Laevateinn.
  • More Inheritance in L4.
  • Lore for RDE will explain Scheherazade’s role.
  • More Dragons in L4.
  • Very good chance that FoW Characters could appear in Casters/Architects. Casters more than likely.
  • Lapis holding “Excalibur” in the spoiler isn’t “Excalibur”.
  • L4 Flavor text preview… “And they all lived unhappily ever after.”
  • No information on Cthulhus in the next cluster.
  • Un-chaseable cards like Black Moonbeam are highly unlikely.
  • Grimm’s world does not have a natural moon.
  • Colossal Shift cards? Possibly.
  • Rulers in L4 are multi-colored? Maybe!?!
  • No real strategy for deciding promos. More so based around conversations of who is popular at the time, and who they would like to see being played.
  • Starting with next cluster, sets will be designed with formats other than New Frontiers in mind. New Frontiers won’t be ignored but they will think about how cards would interact in other formats.
  • Jordan would like a Mega Man based Vingolf. Persona is highly requested by fans.
  • Does not think that there are any new Treasury Items in L4.



Last weekend in Nagoya, Japan there was a Force of Will GP and the results were similar to what we have seen but with a spicy twist. This time it was taken down by Alhama’at himself. With a very interesting deck build, Alhama’at was the number one deck to win it all. Rounding out the Top 8 were a single Lumia and Charlotte, but 5 copies of Pricia. Yes, you read that correct, 5 copies of Pricia Top 8’d. When was the last time we saw that many of a single Ruler Top 8 an event? Pre-R/R ban?

Pricia OTK definitely seems to be a thing in the current meta. Not a surprise as OTK’s, specifically Fire based ones, always seem to be a hit amongst FoW players. However popular it may seem, it is beatable as it has yet to take down a GP event.


No more 4-Koma for the time being. With the artist themselves providing the content, there are no plans for additional stories at this time. Once an artist comes up with something new, then FoW will release it.

Until then enjoy the ones we already have if you haven’t.


On Wednesday, another round of Force of Will bootcamp was released. This time they cover a multitude of utility cards and how a player can use them to their advantage. If you are new to the game or have struggled at building decks I definitely recommend it.

Check out this week’s article as well as the previous ones here.


On Sunday, another round from the teaching manga was released. If you are a new player I definitely recommend it as it delves into the mechanics of the game in a fun and simple way. Plus the artwork is always nice.

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