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Let’s kick things off like we always do!

Jordan’s Q&A Stream Recap

  • Starter deck reveal is not a leak.
  • There will be many announcements over the next 10 weeks.
  • Zero’s familiar is not the returning character from the previous cluster. (Why would anyone think it was is beyond me.)
  • Set names take inspiration from classic serial films from the 40-50s (google it kids).
  • New RDE Lore is live this week.
  • Vingolf is not a FoW theme but based on an intellectual property.
  • More Sun Wukong.
  • More than impossible for a Pokemon themed Vingolf.
  • More Void cards are coming soon. (Hopefully set one of the new cluster.)
  • L4 Spoilers start next week.  Bookmark our Spoiler page for up to the minute changes!
  • If pack color was to change it would be at the start of a new cluster.
  • New starters will only have foil ruler and stones.
  • Prerelease prizes will be released on May 16th.
  • L4 Box promo and playmat will be revealed on the 19th.
  • Preview article for Echoes will start on the 18th.
  • New starter decks in September.
  • New tribal rules will feature gimmicks with new resonators.
  • No more Explode keyword.
  • Panda is the Light Ruler.
  • June/July for Caster Starter Decks.
  • First set of next cluster will have more support for the Starter Deck Rulers and Rulers in general than previous First Sets.
  • No Magic Furnace ruler to be officially released. He did hint at a possible Draft Ruler coming by saying “There is no Reprint of Magic Furnace in the immediate future.”
  • Jordan thinks Jason Mamoa is tasty.

Meanwhile, In Taiwan

Taiwan has banned Laevateinn from general local store events. Competitive RL events will not be using this ban.

More like Leave-ateinn, amirite?

RDE Lore

On Tuesday, the newest edition of the Return of the Dragon Emperor Lore. This time it focuses on Ryula.

Check out the full lore at the link below.

New Legend Precipice

On Wednesday, the starter decks for the next cluster were revealed. They are being called the New Legend Precipice, however during the Q&A Jordan stated this was not the name of the next cluster.

Check out the deck description below.

Long ago when the world was young, a mysterious castle appeared in the light of the full moon. Rumors quickly spread across the land that any who ventured beyond its gates never returned.

Its master bade the extraordinary people of this world to meet her for a feast. The king of the mountain horde, the dragonoid champion, the princess of the merfolk, and the magical prodigy. From opposite corners of the world, these four have assembled at the dark castle’s gate.

Will you join them and venture into the castle’s dark depths to uncover its mysteries?
Five original starter decks, each with powerful and unique cards!
Each starter pack contains a deck, magic stone deck, and a J/ruler.

Everything a player needs to jump into the game!

Light Starter Deck – King of the Mountain

Fire Starter Deck – Blood of Dragons

Water Starter Deck – Below the Waves

Wind Starter Deck – Elemental Surge

Darkness Starter Deck – Children of the Night
Starter Deck Breakdown:

-1 J/ruler (Foil)
-28 Resonators
-12 Chants
-4 Special Magic Stones (Foil)
-6 Basic Magic Stones (Foil)

You can check out our Spoiler page here.  We’ll update it when the cards are revealed, of course.

Site News

Busy week for the site!

Ryan released a new metawatch which is a popular column here at GR.  Be sure to get the jump on your opponents with this knowledge!

Taylor Prinz published 6 of his fan 4Koma on the site!  You can start at the first episode here, then at the bottom of the article (just below the patreon button) is a link to the next article.  All six are in a row, so click through and enjoy!

Pricia invaded the site this week!  Be sure to check out Andrew’s articles on Pricia.  You can find out about the dreaded two turn kill here, then learn about the dreaded Jack and the Skyscraper Giant variant here.

See you all next week!

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