Hey there Wanderers! Alex here. Zak is on vacation this week, thus the onus falls on GrinningRemnant’s editor-in-chief to bring you the news. Like last week, this week’s news will be quite short. Aside from Jordan’s weekly Q&A stream, not much has transpired that could be considered newsworthy.


(A huge thanks to Taylor Prinz (of fanmade 4koma fame) for getting me the stream notes.)

  • Previews for R0 start in a week or two, likely in two weeks during the second week of July. R1 spoilers will start soon after.
  • Apparently, a lot of work went into making the band promo cards line up.
  • Likely no information will be revealed during the upcoming Anime Expo, but there could possibly be some news during Gamma in August.
  • Mixing ‘guilds’ within Architect is highly unadvised due to it making your deck weaker.
  • ’Split-chan’ from the Wanderer promo is not a pre-existing character. She was made for the promo card, but may make a proper appearance later in Force of Will or Casters.
  • There are 210 new cards being added in the coming set, including starter deck cards.
  • The draft rulers included in the R0 boxes may not be revealed during spoilers. Jordan would rather show more exciting cards since the draft rulers aren’t anything special.
  • Ruler league PR cards will be revealed Friday @10am EST. Summer themed, not beach theme, and are apparently pretty cool but sad. [This did not happen.]
  • A sheet of uncut ruler cards was considered as a Willpower prize but will likely not happen.
  • One of the PR’s was going to be of Kaguya praying at a grave or shrine for Fiethsing with Zero standing in the background, but the idea was dropped.
  • Possible dual stone promo cards with the dual colored rulers being used for the art (ie. Lumia for Heat Ray).
  • No full trailer.
  • There’s a chance there will be more ancient magic cards, but nothing specifically for Sol.
  • There will not be mana of different types, but there may be something similar to mana, just not with the mana keyword.
  • Designs for the new booster boxes will be finalized in a week and revealed sometime in July. They will be taller and loose cards will be more securely held.
  • There is no Vingolf coming this summer. There was meant to be two Vingolf’s this year, but that has since changed.
  • If R/R gets too crazy again for Wanderer format there is nothing to say it can’t get rebanned. However, Wanderer is meant to be crazy, so that will likely not happen.
  • It has been considered to ban The Cheshire’s Assistant in Wanderer to stop the Regalia combo. Wait until new ban list in September.
  • There could be other attribute Dragonoid cards aside from the shown red one.
  • There’s a reason for the mini figures aside from collectors purposes. Characters with multiple outfits (Alice) will likely not get multiple figures, at least not right away.
  • No new format will be introduced post Reiya cluster to include all the clusters; only Wanderer and New Frontier. Origins is not supported due to Valhalla not being easily accessible to most players.
  • No treasury items in the Reiya cluster.
  • God Art may show up in Reiya cluster, though not likely.
  • First Lore for Echoes will be coming out later this week or next week, likely next week. Mariabella and Pricia will be the focus, especially Mariabella’s relationship with Machina.
  • Dark Alice is not good, just against Lapis. If anything she’s chaotic neutral or chaotic evil.
  • Lapis may not be ‘one of a kind’ but instead one of many, however, the Lapis in the lore so far is the same person.
  • Cannot say if the cluster after the Reiya cluster will continue its story, however, there is always a chance for current characters to show up again much later.
  • Millium and Ryula have never successfully fused in the timelines Alhama’at has witnessed.
  • Flute is capable of fusion but will not do so in the lore because there is no one she would want to fuse with.


The Wanderer League promo for July through September was revealed to be one of this writer’s favorite cards “Split Heaven and Earth”. As mentioned in the Jordan Q&A recap, “Split-chan” is not a character we have seen in the Force of Will lore thus far.

(Had to link offsite due to tech issues.)

There were some minor tournaments in which new decks made appearances, but as the meta is still so fresh, I’ll refrain from speaking on them just yet. We’ll have to wait and see if some of these decks can stand the test of time and make more showings.

GRINNINGREMNANT NEWS (Because I know Y’all totally care about GR news!)

It’s been another slow week here at GrinningRemnant. I’m still on my “Alex is burnt out” vacation, so Shadai has been keeping things in order in my absence.

Sean wrote a detailed article about the new ban list changes. Give it a read if you haven’t already done so. He has some great points about why he thinks Reflect/Refrain is fine for the Wanderer meta:

Taylor released his newest 4koma on Thursday. Personally, I’m a huge fan of his comics, and this one is one of my favorites thus far. Namblot is absolutely friggin-adorable! If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out! (And don’t forget to go check out Taylor’s other work on his social media links!)

Our new Force of Will card database is getting a major overhaul and new features are being added soon. Mathieu has put countless hours into improving the functionality of the database and I’m looking forward to pushing out the update for you all to try! It will be in the same place as it always is:

Speaking of the database, we’re currently running into bandwidth trouble with the image host we’ve been using for the card scans. Turns out the database was far more popular than expected. While it’s hard to complain about getting more traffic, it does mean I’m going to have to upgrade to a paid hosting plan in order to keep the database running smoothly. Although the cost isn’t too high, additional costs do add up.

Here are two ways you can help with this issue (one is even free):

  1. GrinningRemnant does have a Patreon crowdsourcing page. If you don’t know what Patreon is, it essentially lets you sign up to pledge a small monthly donation, and get some awesome rewards in return for your support. I’ve had a great time with this crowdsourcing model so far, and I know some of our patrons have enjoyed it as well. You can find out more here:
  2. Alternatively, if you can’t (or just don’t want to) spare a dollar a month but still want to help out, you can go sign up for a free Cloudinary (the image host) account using our Invitation Link ( Every person who signs up for an account gets us an additional 600MB of monthly bandwidth. You can even cancel your account right afterward and we still get the additional bandwidth.

If you are interested in supporting us through either of those two methods, thank you so much for the help. And if you’re not, that’s fine too! All of us at Team Remnant appreciate your support, be it through patronage or just viewing and enjoying our hard work.


Oh, and on a more personal note, I just want to remind everyone that Summer Games Done Quick will be starting tomorrow (July 2nd). For those unfamiliar, Games Done Quick (GDQ for short) is a biannual video game speedrunning charity marathon that has been going on for the last few years. It’s a 24/7 stream where some of the best speedrunners in the world come to show off how quickly they can beat various video games.

The charity they will be raising money for this time is “Doctors Without Borders”. During the last GDQ, we raised over a million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and I know we’ll beat our record this time!

You can find more info at Don’t forget to check if your favorite games are being run at!

That’s about it for this week’s news! Zak should be back next week to reclaim his title of “GR News Dude”. Until then, thank you all for stopping by, and (if you’re in the United States) enjoy the upcoming Independence Day holiday!

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