Hello and welcome back! This week is more in line with our regularly scheduled programing as there are News and Spoilers galore for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s kick things off like we always do.


  • For Reiya Cluster Starters, Ruler sides are normal, J-Ruler is Foil and Full Art.
  • No news on why all FoW Movie stuff has disappeared.
  • Ancient Night spoilers start Thursday.
  • No update on Battle Sim.
  • 3rd Lore Article will be up this week.
  • 3 Rulers in Ancient Nights.
  • Starter foils are just Ruler and Magic Stones.
  • More cards per spoiler for Ancient Nights, maybe 1-2 more per. Full set will not be spoiled.
  • Stealth is possible in Reiya Cluster but not in Ancient Nights.
  • Draft rules may change with the new Draft Rulers. “Wait for the new CR”
  • Multiple types of Weather Cards.
  • Next week we should hear about boxes, box promos and playmats.
  • New tournament plans coming but Jordan would not say what they were exactly.
  • FoWCo is aware of the issues with Vingolf 3 and are working to resolve it on future sets.
  • Draft promo is not out of the question, but no plans currently.
  • Unique promo cards caused many issues. Will stick to reprint/alternate art of existing cards from current sets.
  • When asked if Uber Rulers will be available for the Reiya Cluster Starter Rulers, “Maybe?”


This week, we get the Mermaid Princess herself, Shaela/Shaela, Mermaid Princess. With this new starter deck we got a new another new mechanic as well, Weather. Rain was the only weather effect that we have seen, however Jordan promises many others. While having no real effect on the game, the different weather effects merely enable additional abilities on cards. Some cards cause it to Rain such as Shaela‘s ruler side and Weather Change: Rain. Once the rain effect is enabled there does not seem to be a way to disable it without a weather change. While most of the effects will take place on your turn, there are a few that will help you on your opponents turn. Cleansing Rain and Weather Change: Rain benefit from Quickcast while also having super playable abilities. Aqua Rifle Mermaid and Stormbolt seem playable but could have been better with Quickcast.

Also announced for the Reiya Starters is the Melfee Promo. If you are picking up anyone of the starter decks you will be able to get your hands on this sweet new promo. It is one per, so if you buy multiple starters you will get multiple promos. If you want a playset be prepared to buy at least 4 starters.

Check out the full spoiler in our Spoiler Gallery here.


On Thursday, we got our first round of Ancient Nights spoilers. Over the past couple of months Jordan repeatedly said that Reiya would be the only returning character and the first Ruler we see is the pink hair lady herself Pandora. This time she Judgements into Pandora, Guardian of the Sacred Temple. While being very tribal in theme this Pandora may not be as playable as her previous incarnations. All Golem cards in this spoiler suffer from one flaw, Mobilize. Mobilize is a new keyword that restricts their ability to attack or block for a cost. Pandora, Guardian of the Sacred Temple auto enables this ability once she is on the battlefiled. You do have to have 3 Golems on board to Judgement so this could take a couple of turns even with the one Light will cost of Judgement.

Most of the Golems revealed are mediocre themselves and the one Light spell revealed, Crippling Light, is only good in the Golem deck. Pandora’s Order, while not a Light spell, is fairly good and I could see some shady recursion combos with it and Ultimate Magic Warrior, Gear Atmos.

Check out the full spoiler gallery here.


On Tuesday, the newest issue of the Echoes of the New World lore came out. This time featuring Lapis, Millium and the return of Alice. Lapis meets Flute, and Alice is Freed. Overall another good read.

You can check out the full story here.


As Jordan teased in last week’s Q&A we finally see what the classroom artwork is used for, Valentina, Maiden of the Oceans. Ever since Jordan previewed this art, people have been excited. The other promo this month is also in the school girl theme, this time Flute’s Awakening. Jordan briefly teased this card as well by saying it would be “someone who is running late” and that fits the artwork. I personally do not like this art as much as the proportions, specifically the hands, creep me out. They are way too small. We also got a promo Fire Magic Stone that features artwork from Casters. This seems to be one of the many promotional crossovers that FoWCo will be doing with Casters and Architects.

Make sure you hit up your locals and play in the New Frontier events to get your copies of each promos.


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