Excelsior! Welcome back True Believers! Wait… I’m not Stan Lee.

Welcome back my fellow Wanderers! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but once again we have no Q&A Stream to cover. Jordan is still AWOL so this week will be once again without a recap. However, we still got a lot to cover with the full set spoiler, promos galore and even some new lore.

Let’s get started!


Earlier this week we got another round of spoilers for Ancient Nights. I don’t want to delve too far into those like I normally do because the entire set was spoiled. We now know what every single card does and how they pertain to the set.

From the full set release a lot of new things came to light. This is the first set that we have seen Variants. Cards that feature the same art, casting cost and stats but the ability is different. There is also a slight variance to the artwork. As you can see on Stone Tongued Basilisk and its Variant.

We also got a glimpse at the new Draft Rulers. With one in each attribute the are already an upgrade of Magic Furnace. They each seem very basic compared to the actual set rulers. They should work perfectly in Draft.

Check out the full set reveal here


It wouldnt be a Force of Will set with a pre-release errata. This time its for Orphica, Dancer in the White Mist. While being a simple fix, it is a bit disheartening that this is still happening; FoWCo thinks they can still release 2 additional card games. Especially on the 4th Cluster of the game, with 13 sets so far not including Vingolfs this should be resolved. Thats enough of my ranting.

The errata this time is a simple one with really only one word changing. See below.


When this card enters the field ⇒ Remove another target resonator from the game. At the next end of turn ⇒ Put it into the field under its owner’s control.

When this card enters the field ⇒ Remove target resonator from the game. At the next end of turn ⇒ Put it into the field under its owner’s control.

Not a major changes but it does change some functions this card originally had. Just like with previous errata’s before this will not be corrected before the product is released so expect the cards in your boxes to be wrong.


On Friday, even more promos were revealed. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and also my anniversary, so you know I’m gonna love the Halloween Ruler League promos. Last year’s Small Assistant Mariabella is gonna be hard to beat. Let’s see what we got this time.

First up we have Grimm, The Pitch Black Vampire. Based on what I see this card looks very similar to the actual set version. The position he is in changed but not much else. I guess he already had a very Halloween-y vibe. Ultimate Magic Warrior, Geat Atmos though is absolutely adorable. This artwork is the definition of Kawaii. The little cardboard armor, taped together like a kid would is super cute. The puppy dog dressed like a skeleton is great too!

We also got a new Wanderer League Promo. This time its everyones favorite counter spell Wall of Wind. Featuring some B-E-A-UTIFUL artwork of Kaguya and Fiethsing, I totally get a Star Wars/”use the force luke” vibe with the spirit of Fiethsing behind Kaguya. I will definitely own a playset of these.


On Wednesday, we received the newest edition of the Echoes of the New World Lore. I really wish they would release these much quicker.  That way the first one is available the week of the set release and then each is released weekly or bi-weekly after that. Them being months behind is annoying for me, and I can bet its the same for you.

Anyway, this new edition starts off with the return of Scheherazade. The story begins with a quirky interaction between her and both versions of Alice. Dark Alice has a temper tantrum and almost gets herself killed by Scheherazade. There is also a small bit about my bae and some of yours, Sylvia Gill Palarilias. Although she is a little different this time around.

You can check out the full write up here.


On Friday, we received word of a rules update. I have include the changes below.

  • Reordered when players reveal their J/rulers
  • Further defined [Energize] abilities with multiple attributes

You read the full description in the CR PDF here.

Until Next time, wanderers!

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  1. “Especially on the 4th Cluster of the game, with 13 sets so far not including Vingolfs this should be resolved.”

    Ironically, the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set has a card (Hostage Taker) that’s getting errata before release. And they don’t even have translation issues to blame this on, because the game is made in English.

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