Good Day my fellow Wanderers!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but outside of the World Grand Prix, nothing happened this week in the world of Force of Will. Still no Q&A, still no real sign of Jordan or any real news.

This one is gonna short and sweet, as we only have the WGP to cover.


Last weekend we had our Force of Will World Grand Prix in Tokyo. The best Force of Will players from all over the world flew into Tokyo to battle it out and find out once and for all who is this year’s top player. The pre-event party took place on Friday night, while Saturday was when the real action kicked off with Swiss.

After the Swiss rounds, the Top 8 had been decided. Leonardo Mechilli was first seed with a really nice Lilias Petal/Fox deck. This ruler was also the pick for the second seed, Giovanni Santucci, and third seed, Federico Zeppini. The rest of the Top 8 was rounded out with 2 more Lilias Petal decks played by Nick Hayes Blandin and Daniel Voon, while Kevin Carrara, Luca Barcella, and Alessio Campagna all played Pricia. 

On Sunday, the event continued with Federico Zoppini eventually taking down the entire event. Nick Hayes Blandin came in second, with Daniel Voon rounding out the top 3.

What does this all mean? Well, I think it only reaffirms that Lilias Petal is one of the best rulers in the current meta. Three copies in the Top 3 is a pretty amazing showing. Pricia still seems super good but definitely took a hit with the most recent rotation/banning.

For complete coverage of the event, including some streaming of the gameplay and full Top 8 game reports, as well as the full decklist for each Top 8 competitor, check out the reports from The Mothership. Click on the link below:



Ben Kuli won took his second straight victory in the GrinningRemnant Create a Card contest! His winning entry “Rescue Rangers” won the challenge of “Create a card based on a Saturday morning cartoon”. Congrats again to Ben!

We’re aware of how quiet things have been around here at GrinningRemnant as of late. This won’t be the case much longer. Thanks for sticking with us, and be prepared for more a lot of new content and changes soon!

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