Genesis Report – 4/2/2017


Here are GrinningRemnant, we’re huge fans of custom, fan-created formats. A month ago we featured the Shotgun format. This time, we have an article about the Genesis format from one of its creators! Enjoy! 

Just a quick intro as this is my first article on Grinning Remnant… I’m Jem from the UK, hi! I’ve managed to reach top 8 in a couple of Grand Prix so far, but missing out on the top spot in New Frontiers isn’t so bad for me because my real interest is alternative formats! I’ve been part of the team working on the fan-made Genesis format for over a year and with our competitive season finished until June, now seemed like the perfect time to play in a more casual event. But first, what is the Genesis format?

For those of you who haven’t heard of this awesome format, Genesis is an alternative Origin singleton format, i.e. all sets are legal to play, but you may only play 1 of any card (excluding non-special Magic Stones which are unlimited as normal). Starting life is 6000 and it has its own ban list – currently just “Reflect, Child of Potential” and “Kukunochi, the Errand of Jewel Tree”. You can view the full rules at

Some of you may be familiar with this style of format from Magic: the Gathering’s Commander/EDH or Pokémon’s U150. Similarly, Genesis has a different design philosophy to the standard format; the focus is on more casual gaming and the format aims to be wide open, with a high percentage of viable cards and decks. When it is played in tournaments it is run as 50 minutes, best of 1. If there’s enough interest, I’ll write a bit more about the ideas behind the design of the format.

Rules summary: Singleton format (aside from non-special stones), all sets are legal, starting life is 6000, and R/R and Kukunochi are banned.

Now, on to the event itself! I had 4 decks ready to go that morning:

  • Dark Alice, Maiden of Slaughter
  • Pricia, Friend to the Animals
  • Machina, the Machine Lord
  • Invading Demon of Water, Valentina

I selected Dark Alice on a whim, mainly due to the deck having the most foils and promos. Here’s the list I used:

Ruler: Girl in Twilight Garb / Dark Alice, Maiden of Slaughter

Main Deck x 40

  • The Scorn of Dark Alice
  • The Nameless Mist
  • Unseen Pressure
  • Soulhunt
  • Oath of Dark Night
  • Recollection of Dystopia
  • Lapis’ Dark Storm
  • Black Moonbeam
  • The Two Dragon Princesses
  • Stoning to Death
  • Void Blast
  • Endless Night
  • Awakening at the End


  • Rasputin
  • Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden
  • Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness
  • Shade, Envoy of Darkness
  • Schrodinger, the Cat in Flux
  • Mozart
  • Eibon, the Mage
  • Dark Faria, Shadow Princess of Ebony
  • Alice of Light
  • Zero, the Magus of Null
  • Seth, the Arbiter
  • Deadman Prince
  • Dark Machina, Gliding Shadow
  • Guardian Angel, Raphael
  • Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess
  • Black Heart Alice
  • Dracula, King of the Undead
  • Nyarlathotep, the Usurper
  • Orpheus, the Nether Player
  • Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer
  • Celestial Wing Seraph


  • Alice’s World of Madness
  • Circle of Nullify
  • Book of Eibon


  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
  • Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica
  • Schrodinger, the Fallen Black Cat

Stone Deck x 10

  • Darkness Magic Stone x 5
  • Light Magic Stone x 1
  • Black Moon’s Memoria
  • Shadowy Light Magic Stone
  • Ancient Magic Stone
  • Magic Stone of Heaven’s Rift

Round 1 vs Friend from Another World, Kaguya.

Starting hand: Awakening at the End, Rasputin, Dark Faria, Lapis’ Dark Storm, Nameless Mist.

Setting the pace for the rest of the day I got a 1 Will discard Chant in my starting hand. Unfortunately, I drew my 1 Light Magic Stone and I was forced to pass. She also did nothing on her first turn, so I was still able to Nameless Mist her full hand. I found a Destructive Assault, discarded it and made a note of the Arthur Pendragon who could prove to be trouble later! On my third turn, I drew a Lucifer, called an Ancient Magic Stone and cast Lapis’ Dark Storm. Thankfully, I hit a Transparent Moon, which would have caused my Ancient Magic Stone problems otherwise. I then decided to pick away at all the Resonators she cast, no matter how small, in the hopes she would cast Arthur onto an empty field. Awakening at the End did the job until Arthur arrived and I was able to force the banish on him with Lucifer.

From this point, we both kept playing large Resonators with life-gaining effects. She went to value town by casting Celestial Wing Seraph and fetching Lucifer (a popular play of the day), forcing me to banish my own Lucifer. Dark Faria entered, killed the Celestial Wing Seraph and added yet more life gain to the game. With the board clogging up, she did Judgment and brought Kaguya into play, but I was able to get a Circle of Nullify onto her and shut down her cancel ability quickly.

With Kaguya dealt with, and with Rasputin on board, I used Hydromonica to search for Black Heart Alice to start picking off her Resonators. It turned out to be a bad choice as she canceled the Alice. If only I had chosen Black Moonbeam instead!

In the end, it was a draw. We’d both gained too much life and she had an amazing blocker in the form of Kaguya with her damage prevention ability. The game turned into a grind and I failed to remove the main roadblock. Lesson learned: if you can Black Moonbeam, do it!

Round 1 result – DRAW

Round 2 vs Machina, the Machine Lord.

Starting hand: Raphael, Scorn of Dark Alice, Hydromonica, Alice’s World of Madness, Void Blast.

I went second and started with another 1 Will discard Chant, letting me see his hand after he had already cast Sacred Elf. I found Clockwork Soldier, Dark Machina, Mariabella’s Work and Keen Sense. I chose the Dark Machina as I know how useful that card is to the deck, providing it with a way to search out March of the Machine Lord or Remote Control Golem. I was stuck without Light Will for several turns so I had to make do with just removing cards from his graveyard with my Ruler’s ability.

He quickly built up his Will with Elvish Priest, Timekeeper Elf, and Gnome, Element of Earth. The Machina deck can swarm out a load of Machines and win in 1 turn, so I knew I had to slow down his Will production and weaken his whole field. I cast Lapis’ Dark Storm to bait out the Keen Sense… and it worked! This left him with just 1 Will open, ready for me to play Alice’s World of Madness, killing the Gnome before it could activate. He played Small Assistant and some other Machines on his turn and passed back to me. I decided to do Judgment and God’s Art in 1 turn which wiped out his Will producing Elves and most of his Machines. It also left Dark Alice as a large J-Ruler in a world of -400/-400 Resonators, making her a serious threat!

Despite my best efforts, he was able to build his hand and do Judgment, which dropped Imitation Dragon, Remote Control Beast and Marybell, Insane Self-Aware Machine into his field. I had threats of my own, however, and I was able to sacrifice Dark Alice to take out Marybell before she attacked, killed the Dragon with my Lucifer and flew the last few points of damage in with Dracula and Raphael in my next turn.

Round 2 result – WIN

Round 3 vs Loki, the Ancient Demon Lord.

Starting hand: Dark Faria, Eibon, Deathscythe, Nameless Mist, Hydromonica.
The final round of the event, against an undefeated deck; I knew this guy was going to be tough to beat. Of course, I started with a 1 Will discard spell which showed me Artemis the God’s Bow, Cheshire Cat the Grinning Remnant, Sniping from the Blind Spot, Space-time Anomaly, and Zero the Magus of Null. I’ve played enough New Frontiers in the last few months to know how destructive a single Space-time Anomaly can be, so I discarded it in order to remove it the next time I had a spare Will.

A couple of turns later I played my Eibon with Awakening to fetch Book of Eibon and my opponent Quickcast his Zero as his 3 Will play. His next Stone to show up provided Light Will, an unexpected development which was immediately followed by a Black Heart Alice. He suddenly had quite a threatening board versus my lone Eibon! I had my Awakening at the End in hand, enough to kill all but his Alice. I had nothing to lose by attacking with Eibon first. I’d either get some damage in, he’d chump with Cheshire Cat, or he’d kill it with Alice to generate a token. He went for the latter, allowing me to wipe his whole field with Awakening at the End, just the sort of card advantage I needed to get back in the game!

The following turn I used Book of Eibon to resurrect his Alice, which was immediately sent back to his graveyard when he used Dream of Juliet to destroy the Book. Regardless, I was still able to fetch my own Schrodinger the Cat in Flux. (On reflection, he would have been better off removing Alice from the field, as she would have returned to his field with him as the owner).

I used the Hydromonica to fetch Celestial Wing Seraph and then Raphael to help cement the lead I’d made. From this point it became quite reminiscent of a match we played in the top cut of an AGP last year; each playing a Resonator that kills a Resonator, only to have it killed by yet another similar Resonator. Hastur, Dark Faria, Carmilla, Lucifer; each one remained in play for 1 turn only to be killed the next. The cycle was broken when he did Judgment and selected a card from the top 10 of his deck. Thankfully, I had a Black Moonbeam ready and waiting so I didn’t have to deal with Loki on the battlefield.

With his J-Ruler out of the picture, I did Judgment. In his turn, he played Shade to help stave off my Resonators and gain some life back. Without my Ruler’s ability to remove it, he could attempt to stall and draw into a threat by bringing back Shade several times. Combined with Grusbaleta the Sealing Stone he was able to remove a couple of Resonators, including the Raphael that had somehow stuck around until now. In the end, though, I had the J-Ruler and I had managed to grind out more card advantage throughout the game, which sealed the deal and claimed the final victory.

Round 3 result- WIN

Throughout the day I had a selection of interesting matches with a bunch of great people. We got to see all sorts of weird and wonderful card interactions that would never have happened otherwise. You learn different ways to improve consistency when you only get 1 copy of a card and you also get better at thinking around strange or unexpected situations.

Whether you want to play in order to improve your competitive skills, get some use out of your old cards or you just want a more relaxed alternative to New Frontiers, I hope this report and deck list has inspired you to give the Genesis format a go.

Want more Force of Will Genesis? Go check out the official Facebook page for the format at! And keep an eye out for more Genesis articles right here on!

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