NEW SPOILERS – TSW – Just drawing all the cards


Force of Will Co dropped some new water spoilers today! Here are four new water cards coming to Time Spinning Witch!

Remember those water cards from last week? Thunderwave (the best card in the set) was (pun not intended) shocking to me in terms of how powerful it was. The “Draw 2” effect really sealed the deal on why I found it to be the best card.

That said, here’re a few more cards that are in serious contention for the top card slot.

Read on to see the new cards, and don’t forget to visit our TSW spoiler gallery for an up-to-date view of all the new cards coming out!


Looks like water is getting some seriously powerful new toys in Time Spinning Witch. All those “Draw 2” effects make me excited for the release. Calling it now, Water is the best attribute in TSW.

Also, Shaela’s Adventure is a great card to use in conjunction with my girl Kaguya 4.

Which cards do you like? Will they make a hit in your decks? Let us know in the comments or on social media! And don’t forget to bookmark the spoiler gallery for later.

The Time Spinning Witch – Spoilers

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