NEW SPOILERS! TSW – Life Found a Way


Force of Will Co recently spoiled four more cards of The Time Spinning Witch!

This time we get to see some new dinosaur shenanigans. Apparently, they’re teaming up with demons, making jewelry, and hosting stereotypical anime shounen fighting tournaments. Can Hero-kun beat Rival-chan and win the grand prize? Find out next time on an all-new rehash episode next week!

Read on to see the new cards, and don’t forget to visit our TSW spoiler gallery for an up-to-date view of all the new cards coming out!

I like the pure jank that is Hoelle’s Martial Arts Tournament. It’s such a silly gamble to take, but if you can pull it off and get that Hero’s Bracelet on your newest resonator, you’re sure to be in a good position. Alternatively, you can wait until late game to play it after you dropped something super powerful, but that’s just a win-more strat in my opinion.

Which cards do you like? Will they make a hit in your decks? Let us know in the comments or on social media! And don’t forget to bookmark the spoiler gallery for later.

The Time Spinning Witch – Spoilers

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