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So recently I ventured outside of the local force of will playgroup in search of trades, casual banter, and legacy lost packs. While each group has similarities and differences, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the players wouldn’t have either heard of a fun combo or care to utilize said combo. While I understand the competitive spirit of card games, I must admit that I am a casual player at heart. I enjoy the fun and interesting interactions with cards regardless of whether they can win matches. Thus I was inspired to write this article of five underutilized combos.

  1. Flame King’s Shout + Flame Dragon of Altea

I actually stumbled upon this combo after a friend and I threw together a quick Fire deck thirty minutes before our local tournament started. Only after I had both of these cards in my starting hand (and an excessive amount of googling) I found that Flame King’s Shout can indeed put Flame Dragon of Altea into play with the second part of the spell. This happens because FDA’s cost in hand is the sum of its attribute cost and free cost. Additional modifiers occur as it is put onto the chase.

This can potentially nuke the opponent’s field of support resonators THEN drop a 1200/1200 flyer for 3 will. This also potentially leaves the bigger resonators open to Urashima Taro or other cards to deal with damaged resonators. Even with an empty field, a 1200/1200 for 3 is still pretty good. I’ve taken to calling this combo “Budget Gwiber”.

2. Pricia’s Leap + Dragon of Fire and Wind

Here is a combo that is exactly what I want out of a Fire/Wind deck. Dragon of Fire and Wind can beef up to a 1000/500 very easily which makes it the perfect target for Pricia’s Leap. With the ramp aspect of Wind and the bump from Fire to protect it, reaching at least 6 produced will should be easy and happen around turn 4. That means that a beefed up Dragon hits for a total of 4000 damage, not counting anything else you fling at your opponent.  And if you are playing dual stones (you should be) the Dragon gets flying as well to evade blockers.

The potential for massive face smashing is great with this combo. For sure, more players should be using this.

3. Black Heart Alice + Monkey Trapped in Life + Schrodinger, the Cat in Flux

I’m just going to say before anything else, I know this is not the best way to get rid of your opponent’s resonators. Nor is this the best token production you could do. However, this is a fun resonator destruction/token producing engine that works as long as you have the life and will to pay for it. The interaction between Black Heart Alice and Schrodinger is something that did not go unnoticed by the general public, but the ability of the Monkey Trapped in Life being able to go back to your hand is what makes that combo viable.

Essentially, you pay 100 life to destroy an opponent’s resonator AND gain a 500/500 resonator of your own. The Monkey completely offsets the banishing cost that held this combo back to most players I talked to. I definitely recommend trying this combo out for yourself to see how fun this can be.

4. Dreaming Girl, Wendy + Life Profiteering Priest + Monkey Trapped in Life + Laevateinn, the Demon Sword

I know this is the second combo to contain the Monkey Trapped in Life, but I can’t help that it enables a lot of card interactions. The gist of this combo uses the Wind ruler from the Vingolf 3 set, Guardian of Wind Magic Stones, to give Wendy the ability to rest for any will and then play the Monkey. This triggers the Life Profiteering Priest to gain 200 life. You then use Laevateinn to banish the Monkey which bounces to your hand and you lose 100 life. Use Wendy to replay the Monkey, which comes into play and recovers Wendy thus returning the board to its original state with a net gain of 100 life. Rinse and repeat to gain infinite life. If you have a J-Ruler you can rest Laevateinn before banishing the Monkey to buff your Ruler for infinite damage.

This is one of those combos that you build a deck around and try over the course of several games to pop off, usually with no avail. Except for the few times you can actually pull it off and it is amazing! I would love to see more like this played at least in the local level.

5. Magic Conductor’s Baton + Cloning Magic + Thumbelina

This last entry is another infinite production combo. It requires two Magic Conductor’s Batons, a Cloning Magic, and something that has a cool rest ability. I chose Thumbelina for maximum resonator buff. Additionally, you need two other resonators to attach the Baton to, whatever two you choose doesn’t matter. Start by placing the Batons on two resonators and have Thumbelina in play and ready to go. Now you play Cloning Magic on either resonator with a Baton.

Now you can rest Thumbelina for a support counter, recover her with the resonator that was not used with Cloning Magic, and rest for another counter. The last resonator recovers Thumbelina and the other Baton user who then, in turn, recovers the cloned Baton. This makes Thumbelina able to buff any resonator to any size you want and absolutely smash the face of your opponent.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had to opportunity to see this go off in an actual game so I can’t give any insight to how practical it might be. It is a lot cleaner than the previous infinite combos at least. Perhaps I’ll go build a deck with this in mind and report back.

Those were my top five picks for combos I would like to see more of. There are much more combos out there that weren’t mentioned here, let us know what combos you would like to see more of down in the comments. Hopefully, it gets the word out. See you next time.

Did Paden highlight your favorite combo?  If not, let us know what your favorite is in the comments!  If you enjoyed the article, please give us a like and share it with your friends!

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I'm Paden and I've been playing tabletop games since I was 4 years old. I got into card games back in 2006. I started playing Force of Will in CMF and currently work at a LGS running weekly events.


  1. I’ve built so many decks around that damn baton to no avail. It’s way to fragile.
    There is however a way to easily abuse cloning magic in wanderer. Simply cast it on Ryoma Sakamoto to generate infinite mana.
    You need 2 cards and 5 mana to pull it off. If you’re playing Vlad or Melgis you could use the mana to burn or drain your opponent to death.

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