The Old Fairy Tales


Monday I revisited an article I wrote a few years ago about what makes Grimm the strongest ruler in Force of Will. I provided some updates, but the statement stands: Grimm is the strongest ruler in Force of Will? Why, though? Surely there are other strong rulers! This is true, but none of them can come close to the sheer level of versatility Grimm has. This is what I’m talking about today. I’m talking about what makes Grimm Grimm: his fairy tales.

Just a note, though, I’m only going to be talking about the noteworthy fairy tales from Grimm and Alice Clusters. I already examined the Lapis Cluster and Reiya Cluster (up to Ancient Nights) fairy tales last week during the Millium series. I’ll just leave a link right here for you:

  1. Let Me Tell You a Fairy Tale
  2. So Many Fairy Tales, So Little Time

Let’s get started, shall we?

The Old Fairy Tales

    1. Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant: How could I start a list of Fairy Tale resonators without paying tribute to the one and only best resonator ever (and patron saint of this very website) Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant? Lovingly named “Booty Cat”, this guy is, without a doubt, the best resonator in Force of Will.
      In the immortal words of some child I met one time: “It’s all about the booooootay!”

      Some resonators come close, but none can match the sheer versatility and utility of Chesh. At the low, low cost of ONE Will, you get card advantage, card tucking, a great blocker, and a potential deck shuffle that also synergizes with Fairy Tales. I’m just going to list the things Cheshire Cat can do because the list is extensive:

      1. Do you need a blocker? Cheshire Cat is a 0/200 blocker that can’t be targeted and gets shuffled into your main deck when he dies.
      2. Need some cards? Cheshire Cat draws you two cards when he enters play. Then you put a card from your hand on top of your main deck. The card you put back need not be one of the two cards you drew off Chesh.
      3. Cheshire Cat replaces himself when he enters play.
      4. Is Opp running discard? Do you have an important card that you don’t want Opp to see? Cheshire Cat lets you put that card on top of your deck. Opp can Scorn your hand all day, but they’ll never be able to make you discard the top of your deck.
      5. Do you have a dead card in your hand? Why not use Cheshire Cat to put that card on top of your deck? You don’t have to draw it if you use Grimm to search out a Fairy Tale resonator from your deck! Shuffle that dead card away and go find yourself another Cheshire Cat!
      6. Did you need that card you had to put on top of your deck with Cheshire Cat? Might I suggest…playing another Cheshire Cat? Go grab that card!
      7. Do you need to shuffle your deck for any reason at all? Just throw Cheshire Cat in front of an attacker!
      8. Is your Tinker Bell not big enough? Cheshire Cat can boost that Tink up for you!
      9. Is your Wendy resting? Cheshire Cat will recover her!
      10. There’s just so many uses for Cheshire Cat. He’s an auto-include in any deck I can afford to run water in, and he’s definitely an auto-include in a Grimm deck. Cheshire Cat is part of the original fairy tale trifecta.
    2. Tinker Bell, the Spirit: I talked about Tink 2.0 last week. This is her older incarnation.

      Where Tink 2.0 started at 100/100 and got +200/+200 per each other Fairy Tale resonator you control, Tink 1.0 starts as a 0/0 but gets +200/+200 for each Fairy Tale you control (not just resonators, counts herself). No flying, sadly. Tink 1.0 is part of the original fairy tale trifecta.

    3. Hunter in the Black Forest: 300/300 with Swiftness for ONE WILL? Would you believe me if I told you that Hunter used to be a great card?
      Hunting for purpose, yet finding only the shell of what once was, and what never will be again. The Black Forest wept in sorrow on that fateful night, the night Wendy arrived.

      Force of Will definitely has slight power-creep… Regardless, Hunter in the Black Forest was the third part of the original fairy tale trifecta. Sadly, he’s largely been replaced by the likes of Wendy or Tink 2.0.

The Holy Fairy Tale Trifecta

When I talk about the Holy Fairy Tale Trifecta, I’m referring to which resonators I would want to see either in my opening hand or at least by my turn 2 draw. The perfect opening in my Grimm deck was a Tinker Bell on turn 1 into a Cheshire Cat and Hunter on turn 2. You were attacking for 9 on turn 2 and that Chesh hopefully grabbed something useful for you (or at least grabbed the Hunter you needed).

Lo and behold, this is no longer the Trifecta. Wendy took Hunter’s place. Bob Dylan said it best: “you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone, For the times they are a-changin’.” Hunter sank like a stone.

She prefers to be called “Mr. Tambourine Man”.


Onward to the best support and beatstick!

  1. Gretel: Ah, the good ol’ days. Back when ramp effects only looked for a stone attribute and 200/200 was a fine 2-drop.
    Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats HOOOOOO!!!!

    Unlike Hunter in the Black Forest, Gretel has never got replaced. If you’re playing a wind deck, you’re playing Gretel. There’s no better substitute. Did you notice that the stone enters recovered? Move over Sol, you weren’t even a fairy tale anyway.

    You’re not even a fairy tale, Sol! What are you doing here? Go home!
  2. Hamelin’s Pied Piper: Before Captain Hook was ever printed, the top beatstick award went to Hamelin’s Pied Piper. Piper was great!
    Step 1: Kidnap all the children. Step 2: Get your own trading card.

    He locked down resonators so they couldn’t attack, and continued to lock down more and more as the game progressed. Keeping Piper alive was a top priority, and he won many a game back in the day. The best play was to Tell a Fairy Tale into Piper.

    Little did they know, the young Pagemaster would grow up to be a powerful bibliomage, able to summon characters from the very stories held inside his tomes!

    Like I said, though, Captain Hook pilfered Pied Piper’s position provoking prompt prohibition of Tell a Fairy Tale in our decks.

Captain Alliteration is more like it! Yarr!

Well, I’ve talked about the Holy Trifecta of Fairy Tales (Chesh, Tink, Hunter), as well as the number one ramp/support Fairy Tale (Gretel), and the number one beatstick/win-con (Piper).


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