Thursday, June 21, 2018
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My name is Taylor, I've been playing TCGs since the release of Pokemon's base set in 1999. I have multiple top 8's in several TCGs and finished 32nd at the force of will world championship in 2015. I'm a control player at heart but will play and build just about any archetype. My favorite Pokémon is Gengar, and Sports are my 2nd love next to TCGs. Accomplishments: 1st place Kentucky TCGPlayer States 2nd place Force of will WGP Chicago 2015 32nd place force of will worlds 2015 in Tokyo 16th place AGP Collinsville 12th place Inaugural FOW ARG St. Louis 5th place Autumn FOW ARG Kentucky state championship Top 8 multiple Pokémon State championships. Level 1 Magic Judge