Friday, July 13, 2018

Fan 4koma #14

Taylor's newest 4Koma featuring the best father/daughter combo.

Fan 4koma #13

Mars and Namblot didn't get much time in the limelight. Maybe this is why!

Fan 4koma #12

Pricia might just be too metal for the FoW Girl Band. Find out why in Taylor's newest 4koma!

Fan 4koma #11

Grimm is ready to continue his sword training. On a related note, Aesop quit. Find out what happened in this week's newest 4koma by Taylor Prinz!

Fan 4koma #10

Faria is ready to take on Valentina and save Pricia! Or is she?

Fan 4koma #9

Ryula finally confesses her feelings to Millium! Will her love be requited? Find out in Taylor's newest comic!

Fan 4koma #8

Fiethsing and Melfee are corrupting Kaguya!? Not if Zero has anything to say about it!

Fan 4koma #7

Dark Alice and Schrodinger attack, but Alice has a secret move in store for the dark duo! See how Alice defends herself in Taylor's newest 4koma!

Fan 4koma #6

Pricia week continues with Taylor's newest 4koma! Pricia must find flying difficult, don't you think?

Fan 4koma #5

Fan 4koma #5 by Taylor Prinz.