Create a Card Contest #24: Voting


The entries are in for the 24th Create a Card contest (hosted by! The challenge for this contest was to create an attribute-shifted card based on a Force of Will ruler character. An example would be how Zero switched from Darkness to Light.

It’s now up to the community to determine who wins this contest and has their card posted on the front page for all to see! You can vote here:

The polls will close at 5/15/2017 at 12AM EST.

Here are the entries:

 “Jeanne d’Arc, the Corrupted Flame”, by Nathan James
“Grimm, Harbinger of the Bloody Moon”, by Cameron Dour
“Lunya, Child of Wolves // Nyarlathotep, Guardian of Thousand Lies”, by Jia Qi Yang
“Millium of Shadows”, by Hime Wolf (No J-Ruler side submitted)
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