Create a Card Contest #25: Space Panda Knight


Announcing the 25th Create a Card contest!

With the New Legend Precipice starter decks being announced, we were gifted the amazing visage of Space Panda Knight.

For this contest: “Create a Space Panda Knight.” Basically, just make a J/resonator of the race Space Panda Knight. Anything else goes. Come up with new keywords, abilities, mechanics, or just work with the official ones. Be creative.

Post your entries in the Force of Will Apkallu creative group with the hashtag #grcac25. Please give credit to the illustrator of the artwork you choose.

Contest ends Wednesday, May 31st at midnight EST. The winner will have their card featured prominently on the front page of

(If you need help learning how to create custom cards, go check out this post on Reddit.)

Good luck!

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