Create a Card Contest #26: Comic Conversion


Looks like it’s time for a new “Create a Card” contest!  I offered the community a choice between an easy contest, or a hard contest with prizes on the line, and the overwhelming response was “HARD CONTEST!!!”. This one is going to be interesting!

First, the challenge:

“Create a Force of Will card based on a comic book character.”

Now, this doesn’t have to be a Marvel or DC comics superhero! Any character from a comic will do! Sure you can make a Batman resonator…but you can also make something like Bigby Wolf, John Hartigan, or Nite Owl (I guess that’s kinda still Batman…).

I think this will be a good challenge. There’s a ton of design space to work with, both for newcomers and veterans of card design.


  1. I did not state a card type or any other specifier. Be creative!
  2. No characters from franchises that were not originally comics.
  3. If you’re using an esoteric source material, please make a note as to what it is.
  4. All artwork must be SFW (safe for work).
  5. Manga is a comic. It counts.


Cost: FREE

Post your entries in the Force of Will Apkallu creative group with the hashtag #grcac26. Note: If you use artwork that is not your own, please give credit to the illustrator. Also, try not to use super popular art. I don’t want Marvel coming down on us for copyright infringement.


In addition to the usual prize of having their card featured prominently on the front page of, the winner will receive the following prizes:

  1. Choose the next Create a Card contest’s challenge.
  2. Their choice between three randomly selected Force of Will promos.

The winner will be chosen via voting by the Force of Will community. It’s up to you to discern how to best woo them over.

Contest ends Sunday, August 13th at midnight EST.

At that point, the Force of Will community will vote for the winner!

Good luck!

(If you need help learning how to create custom cards, go check out this post on Reddit.)

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