Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Metawatch: What to Expect at GP Toronto

GP Toronto is coming up this weekend! What kind of meta can we expect to see? Ryan analyzes the current meta for answers.

Fan 4koma #10

Faria is ready to take on Valentina and save Pricia! Or is she?

You are all invited to beta test our new FoW database!

Our new Force of Will database is finally ready for beta testing! Come be a part in helping us make the best FoW database online!


This week in the news, Zak recaps the official Q&A stream, new summer promos are revealed, new spoilers, and the Japan GP top 8!

Fan 4koma #9

Ryula finally confesses her feelings to Millium! Will her love be requited? Find out in Taylor's newest comic!


What's going on with GrinningRemnant? Where is last week's content? Find out all the sordid details in this post! We'll be back up soon!

Fan 4koma #8

Fiethsing and Melfee are corrupting Kaguya!? Not if Zero has anything to say about it!

SPECIAL UPDATE: Database beta incoming

Force of Will card database incoming!


In the news this week, Zak recaps the official Q&A stream, reveals all of the new spoilers, promos, and prizes of the new set Echoes of the New World as well as site news!

UPDATE! Echoes of the New World Spoilers

The Echoes of the New World spoiler gallery has been updated! Click here to see the new cards!