Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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NEW SPOILERS! ADK Spoiler Gallery is live!

The Advent of the Demon King spoiler gallery is finally live! Don't forget to bookmark it for later!


In this week's Force of Will news: Advent of the Demon King spoilers, Christmas promos, and site news!

Deep Wood’s Resonance Control

Mike from Deep Wood unleashes the holy terror of Gill on Force of Will. Has he unlocked the secret to reliably flipping to that mythical third side?

The Tale of the Haunted GP

Are you ready for another GrinningRemnant Halloween Spooktacular!? Enjoy, The Tale of the Haunted GP, if you dare!

What is Caster Chronicles?

Dylan Hunt brings an overview of FOW Co's new game Caster Chronicles. Is it good enough to play? Read on to find out...


In this week's Force of Will news: New lore, Advent of the Demon King promos and playmats, and various site updates.

More Old Fairy Tales and How to Level Up Your Game

Alex looks at another batch of fairy tale resonators that used to make a splash in the Force of Will meta. Also a lesson on how to level up your game!

The Old Fairy Tales

Alex delves deep in the annals of Force of Will history to talk and reminisce about the old fairy tales that once reigned supreme.

Revisiting Grimm

Alex revisits an old Ruler Roulette article about Grimm and provides some much-needed updates! Come see why Grimm remains the top ruler in Force of Will!

Other Builds: Light/Dark Millium

Alex has an extra Millium deck to show off! This time it's Light/Dark! (Also a sweet deck profile video collab with Deep Wood FoW)