Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Force of Will January-March Wanderer Promo Card

The Wanderer promo card for January-March is “Vlad Tepes”.

Force of Will December and January Promo Cards

The promo cards for December are “Ywain, Knight of Lions” and “Gwiber, the White Dragon”. The promo cards for January are “Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice”...

Where are the playmats?

So I owe you an explanation on what is happening with the GrinningRemnant playmats, the Kickstarter, and my silence about it. First thing's first: This...


Force of Will news for December 2, 2016. In the news this week, Zak recaps the last two Jordan podcasts, Spoilers he likes, the Promo reveal for January, and big L3 announcement.

Legacy Lost – Prerelease Primer

With the Legacy Lost prerelease right around the corner, you may find yourself wondering "What should I expect?" or "What cards should I use?". Our prerelease primer has all the info you want, and more!

FoWcast: Episode 11 – Alex does not like Wendy

Shadai, Alex, and Ryan of the FoWcast discuss Ryan's topping at ARG Atlanta, the new Ascension ruler campaign, and why Alex does not like Wendy.

Emotional Attachment

In his newest article, Nick talks about being attached to cards that could hamper your deckbuilding. Check out his take on this important skill for your next deck!

More Spoiler Information

Our coverage for spoilers has had a bit of a gap, but our friends at the force of will database have you covered, check...


FORCE OF WILL NEWS FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 18, 2016 Good Day my friends! It's that time, the time for the weekly news recap! Another light...

The Unstoppable Force – Tier 0

Is Turbo Fiethsing a tier 0 deck? What exactly is a tier 0 deck? Nick answers both those questions and more in his new article.