Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Force of Will the Masters Tournament

Force of Will has unveiled a special luxury tournament known as "Force of Will the Masters". This tournament will be invite only based on...

Comprehensive Rules Version 6

Version 6 of the comprehensive game rules is now available. http://fowtcg.com/pdf/FoW_CR_6.0.pdf Important Changes: Spell: Chant -> Chant Spell: Chant-Instant -> Chant with Spell: Chant-Standby -> Chant with Additions...

Curse of the Frozen Casket Spoilers, Final Spoilers

Force of will has released the final spoiler images for Curse of the Frozen Casket.

October Promo Cards

The promo cards for October are "Barrier of Shadows" and "Small Assistant Mariabella".

Curse of the Frozen Casket Spoilers, Glorius the Silver Knight

Force of Will has revealed another wave of spoilers, this time related to Charlotte and her new protector.

“Rage of R’lyeh” Starter Deck Spoilers

Force of Will has revealed more cards, this time from the "Rage of R’lyeh" Starter Deck.  


In this week's Force of Will news: Will Power System exclusive promos, Legacy Lost, 4koma, and more!

Will Power System Reward Promos

Force of Will has finally revealed the structure for the Will Power Rewards system. The cards you will get are random, unless you are VIP in which...

More Curse of the Frozen Casket Dark Spoilers

Force of Will has revealed another wave of Dark spoilers from Curse of the Frozen Casket.

FoWcast: Episode 7 – Reflecting on Refrain

Alex and Shadai of the FoWcast reflect on some very big news that rocked the Force of Will community recently: the banning of Reflect/Refrain.