Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Fan 4koma #7

Dark Alice and Schrodinger attack, but Alice has a secret move in store for the dark duo! See how Alice defends herself in Taylor's newest 4koma!

DON’T FORGET! We have an Echoes of the New World spoiler...

Don't forget! We have an Echoes of the New World spoiler gallery that will be updated as soon as spoilers are released! Keep an eye out for updates!

Create a Card Contest #25: Space Panda Knight

The 25th Grinning Remnant Create a Card Contest has begun! Read more to find out how to enter! Do you have what it takes to win?

Create a Card contest #24: Winner

The 24th Create a Card contest has come to a close. Read more to find out who won!

When Pricia Met Izanagi

Andrew explains the new Pricia Myths deck that has taken the Force of Will meta by storm, shows us how it works, and compares it to other Pricia builds.

GP Ohio (5/13/2017) – Top 8 Decks

The Top 8 Deck Lists from the Force of Will GP Ohio 2017.


This week in the news, Zak recaps the official Q and A stream, new starter decks are revealed, more RDE lore to sink your teeth into, and something's missing in Taiwan...

When Pricia Met Jack

Andrew examines the Jack and the Skyscraper Giant version of the Pricia beatdown deck. Check out how this version runs and see some GP winning lists!

Fan 4koma #6

Pricia week continues with Taylor's newest 4koma! Pricia must find flying difficult, don't you think?

Fan 4koma #5

Fan 4koma #5 by Taylor Prinz.