Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Disco Inferno: Burn Baby! Burn!

In his newest article, Sean fine takes a look at the meta and wonders if burn could be making a comeback.

Deckromancy: Pric-thulhu

Bear brings us a sweet Umr combo deck tech that has the potential to win on turn 2! Read on to find out all about this new combo deck!


In a busy week of Force of Will news, Zak recaps the Q&A stream, new spoilers, rotation news, new spoilers, new lore, and more spoilers. Did we mention spoilers?

Fan 4koma #15

In this week's fan 4koma, Pricia gives Faria a "special" hug!


In Force of Will news this week, Zak recaps the Q&A Stream, there is a new bootcamp, and WGP info is released!

Metawatch: What to Expect at Atlantic City

In this new Metawatch, Ryan takes a look at the new shaping meta and makes a few calculated predictions on what will be seen at the next big tournament in Atlantic City.


Zak is back with a brand new adventure! This week he recaps the Q&A, highlights new lore, and fires Editor-in-Chief Alex over some missing promos!

Fan 4koma #14

Taylor's newest 4Koma featuring the best father/daughter combo.


In this week's Force of Will news: Reiya Cluster info, a new Split promo, GrinningRemnant updates, and the upcoming GDQ!

Fan 4koma #13

Mars and Namblot didn't get much time in the limelight. Maybe this is why!