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Vingolf 3 Review – Constructed

Some members of Team Remnant pooled their effort and analyzed the constructed playability for each new card from the new Force of Will set, Vingolf 3.

The Return of the Dragon Emperor Spoiler Gallery is finally complete!

We've added new cards to the Return of the Dragon Emperor spoiler gallery! Come check it out!

Heart and Sol: Differences in Ancient Magic

Do you like Ancient Magic? Sean Fine explains the differences in the Ancient Magic rulers and which ones you should use in his new article!


Slow week for Force of Will news. Check out Jordan's Q&A stream box opening, a revision to Yggdrasil's text and site news!

New Frontiers: Top Cards

Nick goes over all of his favorite Tier cards in this meta. Did your favorite make his lists?


In the news this week, Jordan's Podcast recap, strange goings-on with the story, 4-Koma gets a new writer, Promos, spoilers, site news and more!

Return of the Dragon Emperor – Prerelease Primer

This prerelease primer has all the info you want and more for your Force of Will Return of the Dragon Emperor prereleases!

Review: Tazzcustoms Tokens and Coins

Custom resonator tokens or energize coins are a cool thing to have, but is Tazzcustoms the right company to choose?

Vingolf 3 Review – Limited

Which Vingolf 3 cards are best for block? Nick breaks down all the cards in Vingolf 3 and reviews their viability in a the limited environment!

Fox vs Sol – Gameplay Video

A gameplay video between Team Remnant's own Taylor Norris (Fox) vs Sean (Sol).