FoWcast: Episode 12 – Millium Strikes Back


Shadai and Alex of the FoWcast discuss talk Return of the Dragon Emperor spoilers, Shadai rants about nomenclature, and they take a bunch of “Buy or Sell” from the community. Oh, and don’t forget the giveaway!

Show notes:

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2. News
– RDE announced
– RDE spoilers
– Wanderer Promo: Vlad
– WPS prizes and rankings: subrankings in VIP
3. FOWO update
4. Shadai’s rant
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Buy or Sell
From Reddit:

Crimson_Senpai: “Lilias Petal is a Tier 2 deck in its current form, but depending on support could become Tier 1.” — “Thanks, I personally think he is really strong, but he can’t keep up with most Turbo Fieth/Stealth Mikage/Val 2.0 Control decks in his current state. His Chimera support is great already but there are some cards that screw him over pretty badly when it comes to summoning them (i.e. Barrier Seal). All of which could easily side in this card due to their multi colored nature.”

Cr4zyC4t: “Force is like life gain: It’s strong as a secondary mechanic to a card, but very weak when it’s the sole focal point of a card/deck.”

“FoW would’ve been better if it was implemented as an online TCG from the get-go, at the level of Hearthstone’s polish.”
“Older rulers need energize to be relevant. They would not be OP.”

HoathZX: “Lumia’s ability to blink, j-ruler side abilities, and Nyarla synergy makes her a ruler that can use resonators to abuse all deck types(control, aggro, burn, ect.), but be master of none, so she will find success as a light, but flexible anti-meta ruler for now.
Eg. Can use flame sprite each turn as a mini-mikage ping, reuse Bedivere to remove big beaters, reuse hera for regalia focused decks, natural swiftness/imperishable to aggro decks with minimal j-ruler counters, using nyarla to remove own resonators with on enter ability to trigger on opponents turn by bouncing/banishing her.”

SovFist: “Sol will not likely replace Mars or Mercurius, but his support cards will make them much better.”

Tabula_Nuka: “New lumia is actually terrible due to lack of support and a high cost curve for her deck.” — “Side note: i do love submitting these if only to see what your guys’ reactions. Keep in mind I generally exaggerate a bit”

“Infinite Arla will be a top tier deck this AGP season.”
“Class G’s Tank is relevant and should be a 1 of in every Mikage List.”
“Chant Standby’s were good for the game and we hope to see more of them.”
“Shadai is promiscuously evil and no one says anything about it.”

“Lilias is most hyped, but will be heavily targeted by every sideboard.”
“Valentina is probably the best strictly due to her ruler side abilities & has very strong Mikage & Feith match-ups.”
“Sol has some sleeper combos that could be relevant, needs a lot more testing.”
“Lumia could also be a sleeper if she goes off-colors, but likely needs to wait till L3.”
“Same with Faria, sleeper, but will definitely improve with L3.”

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  1. shame on you alex, theres a ton of fairytales we can use right now in new frontiers. almost an absurd amount at 33, 24 from lapis cluster alone. Just not alot of great ones. :c

  2. You will lose the game at the end of that extra turn. Taking an additional extra turn after that will not negate the loss of game effect. The card creates a delayed trigger that will cause you to lose the game once it resolves. even if you have an additional turn after that, the trigger will still happen. That being said, you can negate the trigger with the ruler Kaguya 3.0.

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