Echoes of the New World – Spoilers

Echoes of the New World – Spoilers

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Echoes of the New World (ENW?) is the fourth and final set of the Lapis Cluster, coming June 23, 2017.

Spoilers begin in May!

The end is here. The lines for the final battle have been drawn. The forces of hope seek to save the world and bring about a new one, but it seems even old allies have joined the forces of despair to snuff out the light once and for all. Alice, Millium, and Kaguya lead the final, desperate charge against the overwhelming power of the enemy, now aided by former comrades. Is the only way to save the future to embrace destruction?
Booster Pack Contents Breakdown:
5 Kinds of J/rulers
5 Kinds of Basic Magic Stones
10 Kinds of Additions
2 Kinds of Special Magic Stones
22 Kinds of Chants
61 Kinds of Resonators
105 Unique Cards In All!


Last updated: 4/21/2017 – Added info on spoiler season.

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Here are some promotional images released by Force of Will Co.:

There will be 5 different box toppers:

Here’s the box:

[Nothing yet.]

Here’s what comes in the box:

[We can assume it’s packs.]

Here’s the playmat you get if you buy three boxes:

[Placeholder for placemat.]

You also get this bag if you buy three boxes:

[Looks like the other bags.]