Legacy Lost – Spoilers

Legacy Lost – Spoilers


Legacy Lost (LEL) is the second set of the Lapis Cluster, coming December 9th, 2016.

Last updated: 1/4/2016 – Finally finished the gallery by adding the upsized images.

(105 out of 105 cards) (Click card images to zoom in)

Resonator Tokens
Bomb – A Bomb – B Fantasy – A Fantasy – B

Here are some promotional images released by Force of Will Co.:

L2-Promotional-Art-01 L2-Promotional-Art-03 L2-Promotional-Art-02l2-promotional-art-04l2-promotional-art-13l2-promotional-art-12l2-promotional-art-11l2-promotional-art-10l2-promotional-art-09l2-promotional-art-08l2-promotional-art-07l2-promotional-art-06l2-promotional-art-05l2-promotional-art-14l2-promotional-art-15l2-promotional-art-16l2-promotional-art-17l2-promotional-art-18l2-promotional-art-19l2-promotional-art-20l2-promotional-art-21l2-promotional-art-22l2-promotional-art-23l2-promotional-art-24l2-promotional-art-25l2-promotional-art-26l2-promotional-art-27

There will be 5 different box toppers:

l2-pop-01-01 l2-pop-02-01 l2-pop-03-01 l2-pop-04-01 l2-pop-05-01

Here’s the box:


Here’s what comes in the box:


Here’s the playmat you get if you buy three boxes:


You also get this bag if you buy three boxes: