Owner, operator, and editor-in-chief of GrinningRemnant. Alex has been playing TCGs since 2000 when he picked up Magic: The Gathering. He started playing Force of Will back in February 2015 and has been hooked ever since.


Shadai has played games his entire life. Board, Card, Tabletop, Role-playing, Video.... Writing about them is just a fun side job he gets to do when he's not playing games.

Artist / News Columnist

I've been a gamer my whole life. From TCG's to Table Top to Video Games, you name it I probably played. I'm a 20+ year MTG Vet and played FoW since CMF came out.Weekly News Author and Feature Image Graphic Designer.

Competitive Team Lead

My name is Taylor, I've been playing TCGs since the release of Pokemon's base set in 1999. I have multiple top 8's in several TCGs and finished 32nd at the force of will world championship in 2015. I'm a control player at heart but will play and build just about any archetype. My favorite Pokémon is Gengar, and Sports are my 2nd love next to TCGs. Accomplishments: 1st place Kentucky TCGPlayer States 2nd place Force of will WGP Chicago 2015 32nd place force of will worlds 2015 in Tokyo 16th place AGP Collinsville 12th place Inaugural FOW ARG St. Louis 5th place Autumn FOW ARG Kentucky state championship Top 8 multiple Pokémon State championships. Level 1 Magic Judge

Competitive Team

I am from Carrollton Ga. I have been to several WGP events and have judged a few ARG state championship events.

Competitive Team

Born 11/28/91 in a small town of King, Nc. Been playing tcgs since 1999. Played football, wrestling, and track in school. Panthers and packers fan. Love to play WoW and Xbox.

Competitive Team

Kiran here, the lover of henny. Yugioh was my gateway into TCGs but Chaotic was my lover, the only game to ever matter to me. Then came Force of Will. Cool card game. Top 8'd a couple of states, got 3rd at Rhode Island AGP 2016...not much more to say about my card history. I'm here to drink henny and flip rulers!


Nick has been playing TCG's since 1999 with Pokemon and moved through Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and is finally here enjoying Force of Will. His top 3 rulers are Lumia, Bahamut, and Zero. Nick loves big flashy cards like the Eldrazi from MTG or Gwiber and aggressive decks.


From Atlanta, Jarrett has been playing TCG's since 2000 with experience in Yugioh, Magic the gathering and now settling on his love for Force of Will. As an aspiring judge he loves card interactions and rules. He has topped one AGP and judged another. The ruler he has formed an unbreakable bond with is Grimmia, which he topped with. Lastly he lives by the motto "Play jank decks until they are good"


A very casual competitive player, I spend a lot of time playing children's card games. I prefer cooking up my own brews, but I won't hesitate to "netdeck" if it feels like the right choice. While I would consider myself a solid player, my main talents are building or tweaking decklists for tournament play. Tournament Success - Top64 Dallas AGP, 1st ARG Circuit Series Dallas, 2 ARG States Top8s

Tournament Correspondent

I've been playing any TCG I could get my hands on since 1999, and found Force of Will in September 2016. I'm extremely excited to be given this opportunity to share my experiences with the Force of Will community.Achievements: Top 8 ARG Maryland 2016 Top 4 ARG New York 2016
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