Return of the Dragon Emperor – Spoilers


Return of the Dragon Emperor – Spoilers

Return of the Dragon Emperor (RDE) is the third set of the Lapis Cluster, coming March 2017.

Last updated: 3/14/2017 – The gallery is complete!

(105 out of 105 cards) (Click the card images to zoom!)

What you get at the prerelease events (March 4th-5th, 2017):

Note: You may have to win your prerelease event to get the playmat.

Here are some preview cards from ICV2:

door-of-time-early gill-lapis-rebel-of-darkest-fires-early

Here are some promotional images released by Force of Will Co.:

return-of-the-dragon-emperor-spoiler-poster l3-promotional-art-1 l3-promotional-art-2

Here’s the box:

Here’s what comes in the box:


Here’s the Buy a Box promo:

Here’s the playmat you get for buying three boxes:

Here’s the box toppers:

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