NEW SPOILERS – TSW – My favorite card was preordained


Force of Will Co dropped some new spoilers over the last few days! Here are twelve new cards coming to Time Spinning Witch!

Clearly, I’ve been busy. I apologize for the delay in posting some of these. That said, I’m really really super excited about a particular card: Approaching the Truth. This cantrip is absolutely bonkers good. Coming from a background playing Magic the Gathering, I’ve cast a spell called “Preordain” countless times. It’s such a good card that it’s banned in the modern format.

Now, Approaching the Truth is basically Preordain, except it has quickcast, is the same attribute as all the ramp and counterspells, and combos with the new Schey. That is absolutely insane. The new best card in the set. Potentially new best card in the cluster. I’d make a case for it to be in the top 10 cards in the game.

Read on to see the new cards, and don’t forget to visit our TSW spoiler gallery for an up-to-date view of all the new cards coming out!

Which cards do you like? Will they make a hit in your decks? Let us know in the comments or on social media! And don’t forget to bookmark the spoiler gallery for later.

The Time Spinning Witch – Spoilers

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