Create a Card Contest #28: Mythology


It’s been a while since we’ve done something fun, so let’s do a new Create a Card contest!

First, the challenge:

“Create a Force of Will card based on something mythological”

Mythology is cool. I want to see come cool cards of gods and heroes, monsters and ordeals. That’s about it.

I think this will be a good challenge. There’s a ton of design space to work with, both for newcomers and veterans of card design.


Cost: FREE

Post your entries in a comment response to the post on the Grinning Remnant Facebook page the Force of Will Apkallu creative group with the hashtag #grcac28.

Not on Facebook? Not a problem! You can reply to the post on the GR Twitter as well! Don’t forget the hastag so we can find it!

Note: If you use artwork that is not your own, please give credit to the illustrator. 


In addition to the usual prize of having their card featured prominently on the front page of, the winner will receive the following prizes:

  1. Their choice between three randomly selected Force of Will promos.
  2. Bragging rights.
  3. The warm, fuzzy feeling that you accomplished something significant.

The winner will be chosen via voting by the Force of Will community. It’s up to you to discern how to best woo them over. I’m a big fan of Egyptian myths, just sayin’!

Contest ends Friday, June 22th at midnight EST.

At that point, the Force of Will community will vote for the winner!

Good luck!

(If you need help learning how to create custom cards, go check out this post on Reddit.)

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